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Question from a New Affiliate

I came across your site while reading e-junkie's article "Publishing your first ebook". I'm interested in few of your books but, well...converting it into my local currency is just too high for me.

Then, I came across your affiliate program and thought I'd give it a try and see if I could earn up enough to buy the ebooks! ;)

Anyways, just signed up as your affiliate a while ago, and is setting up a site to promote the ebooks. I'm a bit lost now because after getting a free website at Weebly's I don't know how to start! I suppose I have to write something first on the homepage instead of straight away pasting your free would seem very obvious?

[On your free articles website], you mention to include "About the Author" and all links - my question [is], if they do click on those links under this section, it's without my affiliate ID, how would I get recognised for the effort?

Hope to hear from you soonest, I can't wait to get started.

My Answer


First, thanks for your interest in Inkwell Editorial's ebooks and for becoming an affiliate.

1. You can start just by copying and pasting the articles onto your site. FYI, it's the whole reason I write them is to make starting to promote easy for affiliates; and

2. You ARE allowed to change the link in the "About the Author" section of each article to YOUR affiliate link. You're also allowed to change any links in the body of the article to your affiliate link.

And FYI, you can use your affiliate link to link to any of Inkwell Editorial's ebooks; it doesn't have to be the one/ones I link to in the body or the "About the Author" section of any given article.

You're NOT allowed to use my articles to promote the products of others; that's when it becomes copyright infringement.

Hope this info helps, and good luck!

FYI, See a more extensive Q&A below.


As an ebook writer and self-publisher, article marketing remains my favorite way to drive website traffic, which produces ebook sales. I've been writing and selling ebooks online since 2001; seriously since 2004. I started out using article marketing, and to this day, have found it to be - hands down - the most effective way to promote products and services online.

As a full-time writer though, I realize that many don't have the time to do this. So in 2012, I created my own article marketing directory to help affiliates easily promote Inkwell Editorial's ebooks.

What to Do to Start Making Money with the Articles We Send You

It's easy. All you have to do is:

(i) Sign up to Inkwell Editorial's ebook affiliate program;

(ii) Insert your affiliate link into the articles we send you (more on this below); and

(iii) Publish the article on your blog, website, in your newsletter, etc.

You Earn: You earn 50% of every ebook you sell that's in our affiliate program.

Getting Paid: I pay (via PayPal) every 30 days, eg, for all profits earned in January, you will be paid between the 5th and 7th of February. Since I started Inkwell Editorial's affiliate program, I've never missed a payment!

All details on the affiliate program are in the "Inkwell Editorial's ebook affiliate program" link just above.


Following are some commonly asked questions about using the articles we send you to market Inkwell Editorial's ebooks.

1. Q: Can I change the links in the "About the Author" section of the articles you send to me?

Yes, you ARE allowed to change the link in the "About the Author" section of each article to YOUR affiliate link. You're also allowed to change any links in the body of the article to your affiliate link.

2. Q: Can I change the link in the article to another ebook in Inkwell Editorial's line that I want to promote?

Yes, you can. You can use your affiliate link to link to any of Inkwell Editorial's ebooks; it doesn't have to be the one/ones I link to in the body or the "About the Author" section of any given article.

3. Q: Can I use your articles to promote other products that are similar to yours?

No. You're NOT allowed to use my articles to promote the products of others. If you do so, that's considered copyright infringement, which my firm vigorously protects. If found doing this, you forfeit all profits earned to date and I reserve the right to pursue legal action for past pay outs.

4. Q: How much can I earn promoting your line of ebooks?

That's entirely up to you. I've had affiliates sell over $1,200 worth of ebooks in less than two weeks, and others who earn $0.

What I can guarantee tell you is this, since 2010, I've earned over half my annual income from the ebooks I write and self-publish. It's why I keep writing and self-publishing - it's lucrative!

5. Q: Why do you think Inkwell Editorial's ebooks sell so well?

Mainly because I have a stellar reputation in a few tightly defined niches (eg, freelance writing, self-publishing, internet marketing), the ebooks are a relatively easy sell - if you market them consistently; this is true with ANY product you market online by the way.

In essence, you gain the benefit of my reputation when you promote Inkwell Editorial's ebooks. All you have to do is Google my name (Yuwanda Black) to find out about me - from sources totally unrelated to me and/or my products, mind you.

6. Q: I have a question about your affiliate program. I have an affiliate id number and I get your articles. However I can NOT figure out how and where my affiliate link goes when I post an article.

Your link can go into any place in the article you want. The best place is to insert it in the same place I insert them in an article. For example, take the article, Writing for SEO: A Freelancer Asks . . . "How Long Will It Take Me to Start Making Money As a Freelance SEO Writer?"

See where the links are in the article? There are two of them. One is in this paragraph:

And when I say consistently, I mean every business day. In the beginning of your SEO copywriting career, you should be sending out 15, 20 or 30 contacts - or more - per day. If you do this consistently -- and your writing and SEO writing rates are on point - it's not a matter of if you'll land clients, but when.

And the other is in the "About the Author" section, ie:

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (, an SEO writing company she founded in 2008. In 2007, she started earning $250+/day writing SEO content -- in less than three weeks! Read actual testimonies of those who have duplicated her success -- everyone from students; to stay-at-home moms; to down-sized, out-of-work professionals seeking new career opportunities. If they can do it, so can you!

You can insert your affiliate link where these two links are. So you would CHANGE OUT the links I have there, and input YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. Again, you don't have to promote the exact same product I link to in the article. You can choose any ebook you want, as long as it's on-topic because when readers click through, they expect to find a relevant product.

In this case, the article is about SEO writing, so you can choose any ebook that is related to this to promote, eg:

The Freelance Writer’s Outsource Package: Building a Six-Figure Freelance Business – How to Locate, Interview & Hire Reliable Help (IW-36B).

Online Writing Careers: 11 Tips on How to Earn $75,000 – $100,000 Per Year as a Freelance Web Writer (IW-34).

Freelance Writing Advice for SEO Writers: In-depth Answers to 26 Commonly Asked Questions from SEO Writing Clients (IW-32).

SEO Examples: 10 Illustrative SEO Writing Samples (IW-25).

How to Write SEO Copy That Sells: An SEO Copywriting Training Manual for Small Business (NMW-1).

How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles (IW-11).

FYI, here are the step-by-step instructions (with images for ease of understanding) on how to insert your Inkwell Editorial e-Junkie affiliate link.

7. Q: Can I use your ebook graphics on my website to promote Inkwell Editorial's products?

Yes, you can. Feel free to copy them right from our site. Again, these graphics can only be used to promote Inkwell Editorial's products.

8. Q: Can I write my own articles to promote Inkwell Editorial's ebooks?

Yeah, sure! The articles I write and allow affiliates to use are to give you an "easy, quick start." But, if you know anything about affiliate marketing, you know it's a marathon, not a sprint. So feel free to write your own content if you want.

More Affiliate Marketing Questions?

If you have more questions about how to make money selling Inkwell Editorial's ebooks, just send them to me at YuwandaBlack at gmail dot com. Your success is my success, so I'll do all I can to help.

P.S.: Get Really Good Deals on Our Ebooks as an Affiliate: As an Inkwell Editorial ebook affiliate, sometimes there'll be special deals which will be sent to you via the affiliate marketing newsletter only. While you don't have to order an ebook in order to successfully promote it, it does help. So IF you have an interest in any of our ebooks and we're offering a deal on it, then it's a win-win for all.

Again, you DON'T have to purchase any of our ebooks to promote them. Our landing / sales pages are written to covert seamlessly. All you have to do is drive the traffic to them.


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