Self-Publishing Profits: 3 Reasons I Never Gave Self-Publishing a Second (or First) Thought -- Should You?
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I’ve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2002, but it took almost a decade for me to realize, “Hey, I really have a shot at make a full-time living as a self-publisher.” Following is some insight into my self-publishing journey – and how it can help you become a successful writer – and not take almost a decade to do it.

(I) Career Focus: The first reason I never thought of making a living as a self-published author is that I was fully engaged in my career as a freelance writer. This took up the bulk of my time (and rightfully so, as it’s what paid the bills).

Takeaway Lesson: Become mindful of what’s bringing in the money. If I’d realized sooner that it was possible to make money creating and selling my own information products, I might have achieved success that much sooner.

(II) Opportunity: When I first started self-publishing, major outlets for independent publishers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble didn't exist to a large degree. And once they did, boy did self-publishing explode. Even then, I still wasn’t total cognizant of the power of their reach (again, I had tunnel vision; I was focused on my freelance writing career).

Takeaway Lesson: Stay mindful of the opportunities new technology presents to help you make real money as a writer. Nowadays, you can literally publish an ebook for $0; that’s right – nothing. And even if you do spend money, it doesn’t have to be a fortune because freelancers can be hired very reasonably to help you with everything from creating affordable ebook covers to editing and formatting.

(III) Self-Doubt: To be honest, I never thought of myself as a "writer" (as in creating my own informational products for sale). I was so used to being in the service business, that actually creating info products for sale just never really occurred to me.

Takeaway Lesson: Actually, there are two take-away lessons here. The first one is to stay mindful of opportunities right under your nose. By the time I wrote my first ebook, I’d been freelancing for almost 10 years. This meant I had a wealth of knowledge and experience that others would gladly pay for if presented correctly (ie, in a well-written ebook).

The second lesson is, never doubt how much you know that others don’t. You see, when you learn a skill, you tend to take it for granted for the most part and you say to yourself, “Well, nobody would pay for info on that; or it’s so easy to find out how to do that; or I’m sure there’s already info out there on this; etc.”

But you’d be amazed at just how much insight YOU have when you know/do/have experience with something. And, first-hand information sells.

So don’t take your knowledge for granted. You may be missing out on a small fortune by not packaging it – and self-publishing it!

About the Author: Yuwanda has written and self-published over 50 ebooks, which can be found on major sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to her freelance writing website, Inkwell Editorial. If you found the info here insightful, learn how to self-publish your own ebooks for fun and profit. You’ll not only learn how to write an ebook (in just a few days), but also how to market it to start getting sales quickly.

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