Internet Article Marketing: 4 Reasons to Start Your Own Article Directory
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If you use article marketing to drive traffic to your website or blog, then you know how effective it is. And, you probably know how frustrating it is to try over and over again to get a piece of content accepted by an article directory – all because you run afoul of some guidelines that you didn’t even know of and/or that they changed.

Internet Article Marketing: One Reason It Can be Hard to Get Articles Accepted by Article Directories

Many directories reject content for being too promotional. “But,” you may be thinking, “the whole reason I write and distribute content for free is that I want to promote my business. And you’re right. Some directories seem to work against this very principle. With that being said, following are four very good reasons to start your own article marketing directory.

(i) Control Your Message: As alluded to above, many article marketing sites have stringent guidelines, ie, rules about what you can write, how many links it can have, how long it is, what you can and can’t link to in your resource box, etc.

When you create your own internet article marketing directory, you circumvent all of this. You control things like number of links, reprint terms, length, etc.

(ii) No More Writing for Free: Many internet article marketing directories reject articles so much that you wind up writing, editing and rewriting a piece so much to get it accepted that it almost feels like you’re writing for free.

When you make the rules – by starting your own directory – you put an end to this.

Article Marketing Strategy Tip: Register your name and list all of your articles there (see mine at Why? It’s an easy way to keep track of all of your content – and start branding yourself online at the same time.

(iii) Promote as Much as You Want: When you write, rewrite and edit a piece in order to get it accepted, many times you can wind up revising to the point where you’re basically watering down what you really want to say and not promoting your product/service at all.

Now mind you -- I don’t mind giving content away. But, I do so to promote my products and services also – not JUST to add value to the site I submit to.

When you have your own online article submission site, you control the message, so you can promote as much as you want.

Article Marketing Tip: Keep in mind, when you’re writing articles though, it should be less about promotion, and more about dispensing helpful information to potential customers.

(iv) Make Money from Your Articles: The final reason to your own article marketing site is so that you can make money from content you’re already giving away for free anyway.

If you look at most directories, ads appear beside every article submitted. So that site is making money from your content – content you freely give away. Why not start your own internet article marketing directory and earn money from your own content.

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