Publishing on Kindle: Is It Worth It to Enroll Your Ebook in Amazonís KDP Select Program?
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Since 2010, Iíve self-published over 50 ebooks on Amazon. When publishing on Kindle, every time you upload a title, Amazon gives you the option of enrolling it in their KDP Select program. For those who donít know, following is a brief explanation of what this program is. Then, Iíll give some insight Ė based on my experience Ė on if itís a good idea for you enter your ebook in this program.

What Is Amazon's KDP Select Program?

This is an ebook marketing strategy that Amazon came up with. Hereís how it works Ė when you publish your ebook, if you enter it into this program, Kindle owners can borrow it for free.

The idea is to get as many people to download your ebook as possible. You must enroll for at least 90 days, and your ebook canít be offered for sale in any digital format on any other site (even your own), during this timeframe.

Now, as for is it a good idea, or not?

Publishing on Kindle: KDP Ė Does it Lead to More Sales, or Not?

Like most things when it comes to ebook marketing, the answer is, it depends Ė on genre, your overall marketing efforts, your talent as a writer, luck Ė and a host of other factors.

One thing that can help you decide is knowing how Amazonís algorithm works, as far as this program goes. Then, you can make some concrete decisions Ė keeping the above factors in mind, of course.

Publish to Kindle: How Amazon Counts Free Downloads and It Impacts Your Ebook Sales

Basically, the way it works is, over time, the sales of a title and the free downloads from being enrolled in the Kindle Select Program, work together to compound the overall sales strength of a particular ebook.

If these numbers are sufficient, then Amazonís algorithm recognizes this and will start to work in your favor. How? One way it does this is by ďrecommending it to reader.Ē For example, have you ever clicked on a title and at the bottom see the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section? Usually there are six or seven titles listed, right?

One thing you should know is that, like Google, Amazon is constantly changing its ebook algorithm. As explained in the PRWeb article, Indie Published Writers Start to Shun Amazon's KDP Select, hereís some recent insight into how Amazonís algorithm accounts for free downloads.

Free books used to be equal to paid books when Amazon decided popularity ratings, but these days it's about 10% . . . So ten free books equal one paid book. The volume you need to move the needle is a lot higher than it used to be.

My Experience: What Happened When I Enrolled One of My Ebooks in Amazon's KDP Select Program

When I tried this ebook marketing strategy, I didn't see a big jump in sales. So, I removed my book from the program after the 90 days expired. In spite of this, I will try it again (I recently started writing contemporary romance novels, which is a different genre and so want to test this concept for this niche).

I also strongly advise all self-publishers to give this program a shot at least once. Why? Because much like any other type of marketing, ebook marketing is all about trial and error. You try, test and evaluate results. And, the good thing about this program is that you really have nothing to lose because you can opt out at any time.

Kindle Book Publishing and Promoting via Amazon's KDP Program: Conclusion

As you can see, thereís a lot to consider when publishing on Kindle Ė over and beyond just finishing and uploading your book.

Now, you know how the program works. You also know how Amazonís algorithm can affect the free downloads you get from enrolling your ebook in the KDP program. Hopefully, with this information in hand, youíre better equipped to make an informed decision about whether self-publishing and promoting your ebook via Amazonís Kindle Select Program is for you.

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