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The information in this article was inspired by an email I received from a newbie to self-publishing who wanted to ask me some questions about my success with article marketing. To back up a bit, I’m a self-published author; I’ve written and published over 50 ebooks since 2004. In 2010, over half of my income came from my self-publishing efforts (my main job is overseeing my SEO writing company).

Following is the email this reader of my blog sent in. My answers follow.

Email from a Newbie to Self-Publishing about Article Marketing

Info marketing is getting big here in the UK . . . I'm new to self publishing, hope you don't mind a couple of questions??? I went through a lot of stress running my old business, I know how to reduce that stress. I've sold my old business. My mission is to help other small business owners avoid the rubbish I went through. But Small business is a competitive niche!

You say article marketing has worked well for you. Any suggestions on the best sites? If I submit to more than one article marketing sites do the articles have to be exclusive to each site?

Thanks in advance.

My Answers

Regarding the best article marketing sites: The first thing you should know is that there are hundreds of article marketing sites. But, if you do a Google search for “article directory”, you’ll find that a few consistently stand out. Among them are,, and I’ve used all of these – and many more – over the years.

I used to contribute to EzineArticles all the time; but their rules for submission became so persnickety that I stopped submitting there in the summer of 2011. Now, my favorite one is IdeaMarketers. Why? Because unlike EzineArticles, the content submitted does not have to be unique, the articles get published right away and you can put as many links in your article (within reason) as you want.

In answer to the question, . . .

If I submit to more than one article marketing sites do the articles have to be exclusive to each site? It depends on which article directory you’re using. Each one has their own set of guidelines. As alluded to above, EzineArticles requires all articles to be unique; they don’t have to be at

3 Quick Tips on How to Sell Ebooks Online Using Article Marketing

1. Submit Regularly: I submit content anywhere from one to three times a week – and when I don’t it’s reflected in my ebook sales. Sometimes I’ll miss a week or two, but I always pick back up and will usually redouble my efforts, submitting 3-5 times in a week to make up for lost time.

2. SEO Your Articles: It’s imperative that you know how to write SEO content to effectively market and sell ebooks online.

3. Find Niche Directories: What I mean by this is, where possible, find – and submit to -- article directories that specialize in the type of content that you provide. For example, if you write an ebook on how to grow organic food, find article directories that specialize in gardening or organic farming. While not every niche will have a specialized article directory, some will. Your article will get much more traffic – and you’ll make more ebook sales – by getting your content in front of niche readers because they already have an interest in your ebook’s subject matter.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been successfully writing, self-publishing and selling ebooks online since 2004. She attributes a great deal of her success to article marketing. Learn more about how to make a lot of money as a self-publisher selling ebooks online.

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