Article Marketing: What Is a Resource Box and How to Write One That Produces Sales
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In article marketing, the Resource Box is the most important part for the online marketer. Why? Because this is where you get to your chance to capture lifelong customers, increase your web traffic and generate a goo-gob of sales.

Writing a sales-producing resource box is a skill. If article marketing is part of your online marketing arsenal, you could be wasting a whole lot of time and missing out on a whole lot of sales if you're not getting the Resource Box right.

Following are two of the many essential keys every resource box should have to increase website traffic and convert readers of your articles into buyers.

Article Marketing: Resource Box Defined

Before discussing some of the things that go into making up an an effective Resource Box, let's first define what it is for those who may be new to article marketing.

The answer to the question, "What is a resource box?", is that it's some text at the end of your article that promotes you, your product, your service, your blog and/or your website. If it's written correctly, it can do all of these things.

Alternatively, resource boxes are also described as the "About the Author" section at the end of an article.

How long should a resource box be?

There is no exact length. However, most resource boxes are simply a couple of lines. Most top out at between 3-6 lines. How long your resource box is will be determined by the article directory you submit your content to, but try to use at least 4-6 lines of text. This way, you can work in a lot more of the benefits readers receive if they click the link you provide.

Now that you have some foundational knowledge of what a resource box is, let's turn our attention to two of the many factors that make up an effective resource box.

2 Essential Keys to Writing a Money-Making Resource Box

1. Freebie Benefit to Readers: Offer something free to readers - that is of real benefit to them - in your resource box. Although many may think of it as boring and overdone, offering a freebie is highly effective. But remember, your freebie should provide real value, preferably something that can't be found elsewhere - something produced by you.

In-depth, downloadable e-books and reports work well because once produced, they cost nothing to distribute.

Make sure that readers have to click through to your website to get the info. To capture them as long-term customers, ask them to sign up to your newsletter and/or subscriber list to get it. Some will subscribe simply to get the info, then unsubscribe. But, a great many of them will remain on your list -- sometimes for years.

Your list is where you make your money online, so do everything you can to capture a reader when they stumble upon your article online.

2. Use SEO Rules in Your Links: If you don't know anything about search engine optimization (SEO), then this is where it's really costing you if you market with articles. Following is a quick tutorial on how to use SEO rules in your resource box links - and why it's important.

The main goal of article marketing is to generate website traffic and make sales, right? The links in the resource box of your articles help you accomplish these goals. How?

One of the things that tell search engine spiders what a page on the internet is all about is the words that make up a link. So instead of saying, "click here," for a free report for example (with "click here" being the link), you want the words that the reader click on to describe the product/service.

So, if I was providing a tips booklet on SEO writing, the line in my resource box would read: Get more "free SEO writing tips" (making the words "free SEO writing tips" the clickable link).

There are many more things that make up an effective resource box to make your article marketing campaigns successful. However, these are two of the most important.

Free Article Marketing Tutorial

An effective article marketing campaign will help you increase web traffic and produce more sales. Read more on article marketing to learn how to write an effective resource box, sales-producing content and more.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has written over 1,000 articles since 2004 to promote everything from her own line of ebooks, to her freelance writing e-courses, to affiliate products and services. She says, "It's one of my favorite online marketing methods because it drives website traffic -- and sales -- for years. And, it's free!" Learn how to earn four figures per month promoting products and services online via article marketing.

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