Building a Blog: 3 Reasons Freelance Writers Need to Blog to Earn More -- Much More!
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I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and since 2007, have made my living completely online as a writer. Building a blog has contributed significantly to my success. But, blogging wasn’t even part of the vernacular when I first started out. Nowadays though, if you want to increase your earnings as a freelance writer, one of the easiest ways to do it is by building a blog. Following is why and how blogging has allowed me to earn a full-time living online as a writer since 2007.

I. Got Talent? Prove It: I’ve landed freelance writing jobs just because prospects ran across my blog, liked the content and contacted me about doing some work for them. Building a blog is the perfect outlet for showcasing your talent as a freelance writer.

Furthermore, a blog showcases your personality as a writer – much more than say, a “get work” writing sample. This is one reason I think blogging is much more effective than just providing writing samples.

II. Diversify Your Income Streams: Building a blog is an excellent marketing outlet for other income streams as a writer. For example, I write and self-publish ebooks. I published my first one in 2004. In 2010, for the first time ever, over half my income as a writer came from ebooks I wrote and published.

And, how do I make most of my sales? From my own website, which I drive traffic to by blogging.

Building a blog -- which helps to market my ebooks -- has has given me a lot of freedom as a freelance writer because I don't worry about slow periods when there are no client projects on tap. Having another income stream keeps my income steady. Freelancing is a LOT more fun because of this!

III. Capitalize on the Content Marketing Craze: One thing internet experts agree on these days is that content is king. And the reason is, the one thing web surfers look for online before making a purchase is information. Proof?

A January 2012 Cisco study found that 74 percent of consumers conduct research online before making an in-store purchase. Perhaps more interestingly, the survey found that digital content marketing (eg, blogging) helped to steer consumers in the direction of a particular brand.

The bottom line is search engine optimization (SEO) changed how companies market online. And SEO is driven in large part by information. Information is just content. One way to distribute content is via a blog.

Search engines reward blogs that are constantly updated with new, relevant, helpful, properly SEO’d content. So whether you’re selling your services as a freelance writer, or products and services you create and promote online – the easiest way to do it is by building a blog.

A blog gives prospective clients a home to come back to; your home on the web. So, roll out the welcome mat for them – and blog away!

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has is a web entrepreneur who has made her living completely online since 2007. She says building a blog is one of the biggest keys to her success because it involves all the elements necessary to being a successful online entrepreneur, eg, how search engines work, how to create compelling content, how to market online for $0 – and more.

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