Can You Still Make Money Online Just by Placing Ads on Free Classified Ad Sites in 2016 2017?
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Iíve been using free classified ad sites like Craiglist and backpage to make money online promoting products and services since 2008. As new marketing methods like social media come on the scene, many wonder:
ďCan you still make money online just by placing free classified ads? It seems so old hat."

Well Iím here to tell ya, not only is it still very possible to make money online free using methods like this, you can make really good money! Let me back up and explain a bit.

I have multiple income streams. In case you donít know, I own a writing company and complete projects for clients (; I also write and self-publish my own line of ebooks; and I update two blogs regularly ( and This is all in addition to being an internet marketer. So my days are full. Sometimes, I go days, a few weeks or even a couple of months without placing ads regularly because Iím so busy.


Wanna learn with me as I grow my affiliate marketing income to $10,000 per month in 2017? Subscribe here and start making money online too. Most of the methods I use are free and/or very low cost. Who knows, by the end of the year (or sooner), you may be able to quit your current job if you want. But, back to my backpage journey ...

At the beginning of 2016, when I looked back over whatís worked well in the past to bring in sales seamlessly, placing free ads stood out. Itís simple. Itís free. Itís easy. AND IT WORKS! Proof?


2017 BACKPAGE EARNINGS (click graphic for larger view)

FYI, you can see even more earnings snapshots -- going back to 2009 here.

The Importance of Trusting Your Numbers

Once I saw the numbers in front of me, I was like, ďYuwanda, why did you ever stop consistently placing ads on backpage? It so frigginí works!Ē

In the early years of my entrepreneurial career, I had a business mentor who used to say Ė ad nauseam Ė ďKnow your numbers; theyíll never lead you wrong.Ē So the definitive answer is yes, you can make really good money online JUST by placing ads on free classified ad sites.

3 Things You Need to Make Money Online Placing Free Ads

Following are three things you must do to make it work though.

1. Place Consistently: When I first started back in 2008, I used to place ads daily. As my business grew, like I said, I got away from doing it regularly. Now, Iím back on it. Sometimes I pay a service to do it; most times I just release new ads as they come up for renewal myself. As with any form of marketing, you must do it consistently to see quantifiable results.

How Often to Place Ads on Backpage Ė and How Many to Make Money

Recently, I received the following question from an aspiring internet marketer. He emailed me asking:

Please Sir, I am one of your subscribers, I saw you through backpage and I just want to ask you this question. How often or how many times can I post ads in backpage on a daily basis? Thanks.

My Answer

I'm a "ma'am," not a "sir," but that's ok! :)

I responded:

First, thanks for being a subscriber.

In answer to your questions, some post hundreds of ads per day. These days, I do on average of 25-50. I no longer use software because of the situation I discussed here.

FYI, dig through some old posts on my old newsletter for internet marketing newbies for more info on how to make money on backpage. Start here. You'll find links to other posts about posting on Backpage. Good luck, and thanks again for being a subscriber.

Just to add a bit more to this Ė since backpage started charging for ads to be posted in the premium spots (ie, up top) I think you need to post at least 100 to 150 per day in the beginning (for each product youíre promoting) to start seeing results, which brings me to my second point.

2. You Must Have a Good Product: If what youíre promoting is not something people want, I donít care how many ads you place, youíre not going to make any sales. I discuss all of this in the backpage ebook by the way.

3. Price: Your product must be priced well. Some people use backpage to promote high-ticket items and have had good success with it. But it takes a lot of upselling Ė in my opinion Ė to make money doing this. Very few people are willing to plunk down a few hundred dollars after reading a classified ad for a product/service.

Although I've sold some high-ticket items (like my online writing e-course), Iíve had the best luck with products priced under $50, with $20-$25 being somewhat of a sweet spot. Again, this is just my opinion and in my experience.


Placing ads in the right categories and writing good ads are two other factors that need to be considered when trying to make money placing free classified ads. Again, all of this is discussed in the ebook I wrote.

FYI, I first wrote that ebook back in 2009 (itís constantly updated to reflect changes in backpage and new stuff I learn as I go along). And the same methods I used then are the very ones I use now, with some minor tweaks along the way.

So if you have very little to no money and are looking or a quick, easy way to make money online Ė free Ė give this method a try. If you happen upon a hot product, you can easily earn hundreds per day. One day, I earned $900 promoting a red-hot affiliate product. Again, that was in ONE DAY. This doesnít happen often, but Iíve had plenty of $200 and $300 days Ė with the norm being $50-$100 per day when I place ads consistently

You can do it to. All you have to do is get started.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has earned her living completely online since 2007, earning thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer, self-publisher and freelance writer. You can too! Learn everything you need to know about how to make money online placing free classified ads.

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