Ebook Marketing: 3 High-Traffic Places to Advertise Your Ebook Online -- for Free
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In 2011, I spent the entire year publishing ebooks a lot of them! I uploaded 50 titles to Amazon. Writing and publishing ebooks is the easy part; marketing ebooks is where the real work comes in. In order to successfully sell ebooks online, you must constantly market. And, this can be expensive. Luckily, there are tons of free places to market online.

Making a Living Selling Ebooks Online

Ive made my living completely online since 2007, and in 2010, over half my annual income came from ebooks I wrote, self-published and sold online. And, I spend practically no money on ebook marketing. The one expense I do have is my email marketing software (AWeber). Other than this, all methods I use to promote my ebooks are free. Following are three of my favorites.

I. Free Classified Ad Sites: Ive used numerous free classified ad sites to sell my ebooks online, eg, ClassifiedAds.com, Craigslist.org, USFreeAds.com. The reason is, these sites get a lot and I do mean a lot of traffic. For proof, lets just take a look at Backpage.com, which happens to be my favorite free classified ads site.

According to the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, as of this writing (Spring 2012) backpage receives over 35 million unique visitors per month. The site has over 500 cities you can list ads in for everything from used cars, to jobs, to apartments.

This is one of the reasons free classified ads sites are so popular people use them for everything! Hence, they get lots of repeat visitors.

Marketing Ebooks on Free Classified Ad Sites: The Drawbacks

Your ad disappears quickly because so many people are posting. Also, if you post manually, it can be time consuming. But Ive found it to be worth it. Lots of times, I place ads while Im watching TV in the evenings and I almost never fail to get some sales if I post enough ads (usually 50 or so).

Learn more about how to make money placing free classified ads online.

II. Free Press Release Sites: These types of sites make great ebook marketing outlets because they get great search engine juice. My favorite free press release site is PRLog.com.

I use this site like an article marketing directory. What I mean by this is, I post the articles that I write for promotional purposes to this site just like Id post them to EzineArticles.com, or any other article directory. So if you write SEOd content that you distribute across multiple sites, free PR sites like this are great outlets to post them to in order to drive traffic to your ebook site/blog.

III. Article Marketing Directories: There are hundreds, if not a few thousand, of these types of sites online. One of my favorites is IdeaMarketers.com. I like this one because it is less restrictive than say, EzineArticles.com, eg, you can put as many links in your article as you want and your content goes live right away.

These are three of my favorite ebook marketing outlets. If you want consistent ebook sales, constantly use these outlets. Ive been selling ebooks online using free sites like this since 2004. And, while it can be time consuming, the work is definitely worth it.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. To date, shes self-published over 50. Get everything you need to learn how to write and sell ebooks online, including ebook marketing strategies, how to create professional ebook covers, how to set up an ebook affiliate program and more!

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