EBook Marketing Tips From a Self-Publisher Who Earned Over $1,000
in Less Than 1 Month From 1 EBook

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Recently, I interviewed a self-published author who sold 541 copies of her ebook in 25 days. She priced it at $2.99. If you're familiar with Amazon's self-publishing program, you know that ebooks priced between $2.99 and $9.99 earn authors a 70% royalty.

That means she netted $2.09 per copy, which means she earned over $1,100 -- in just over three weeks. Remember, this is just from one title. And get this -- it only took her about a week to write this story, a short romance novel of approximately 65 pages.

I wanted to pick her brain a bit to see what ebook marketing strategy she used to promote this ebook. Her tactics were quite simply - simple. And, all of them were free. Following is how she said she managed to sell over $1,000 in ebooks in a little over three weeks.

Simple EBook Marketing Plan: The 5 Free Methods One Writer Used to Sell 541 Copies of Her EBook in Just 25 Days

The author wrote:

I released my ebook on February 3, 2013, via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. By February 28th, I'd sold 541 copies (most of the sales came from Amazon). To get the word out, I did tons of grassroots marketing, ie...

I. Contact Friends and Family: I contacted all members on my personal Facebook page, letting them know I'd written a new book and linked out to the title on Amazon.

II. Facebook: I created an author fan page on Facebook and update this regularly.

III. Twitter: I posted almost daily to my self-publisher's Twitter account, mostly helpful tips to self-publishers and links to my title.

IV. Blog: I have two blogs -- one is a simple Google author blog; the other is on a site called SheWrites, an "emerging marketplace for women who write."

V. Commenting: I left comments and posts in Guest Books on blogs and related websites, etc.

Again -- as you can see -- all of these are free ebook marketing methods. This self-published author didn't spend any money promoting her ebook. She says she's never spent any to promote any of her ebooks.

The Best EBook Marketing Tip This Self-Published Author Shared

This successful self-publisher said the one thing she'd advise all who are new to his form of publishing to do is build their community of readers. She wrote:

As I'm finding out, building your online reader community (ie, building your brand as a self-publisher) is about the most important thing you can do to spur ebook sales. This is second to constantly producing new titles, of course.

She goes on to say, "This has to be across several multi-media formats (eg, video and audio). Some I still haven't tapped yet (eg, video), but I'm getting there!" Read more of the ebook marketing tips dispensed in this self-publishing success story.

I hope this first-hand ebook marketing and writing advice helps you with your self-publishing dreams.

About the Author: Yuwanda has written and self-published over 50 ebooks, which can be found on major sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to her freelance writing website, InkwellEditorial.com. If you found the info here insightful, get more in the complete package on writing an ebook. It will not only teach you how to write an ebook (in just a few days!), but also outline an ebook marketing strategy that will help you start getting sales within a week - really!

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