Ebook Marketing: What Is Article Marketing and How It Can Help You Sell More Ebooks
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In 2002, I wrote my first ebook. Since then, Iíve gone on to write more than 50. One thing I quickly discovered was that writing is the easy part. Itís the ebook marketing that requires ongoing work Ė and itís where many new self-publishers drop the ball. This article discusses one of my favorite marketing methods Ė article marketing. It drives traffic and sales for years Ė and itís absolutely free to do.

What Is Article Marketing?

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, just in case you donít know, let me define what article marketing is.

Quite simply, itís writing and distributing free content to promote a product or service. For example, this article youíre reading. I wrote it Ė and gave others permission to publish it for free -- on their website, their blog, in their newsletter, etc. The reason you do this is that at the end of the article, thereís a resource box (ďAbout the AuthorĒ section) where you put a link back to your site/blog to introduce prospects to your products/services.

When Marketing Ebooks, What Is the Primary Purpose of Article Marketing?

The whole idea behind this form of ebook marketing is to inform readers. The reason is, when web surfers go online to conduct searches, theyíre bombarded with information. One of the best ways to stand out is to give surfers concrete information that helps them to make a decision.

Note that your article should not be a sales pitch. It should contain information that is useful to potential buyers. Always remember this.

Why Article Marketing Helps Self-Publishers Sell More Ebooks: An Example

One of the best ways to make sure that your article is useful is to think of the benefits the prospect would derive from buying your product service. Letís use this article as an example. Itís about how writing and distributing free articles can help self-publishers sell more ebooks, right? In the resource box (ďAbout the AuthorĒ) section at the end, there is a link to an ebook pack that contains everything a self-publisher would need to successfully write, publish and market an ebook online.

So, if a prospect finds this article informative, they are likely to click through to my website see what this self-publishing pack is all about Ė and buy it. This illustrates why article marketing is such an easy way to market ebooks online.

3 Reasons to Learn How to Market an Ebook Using Article Marketing

When you write and distribute free articles, they:

i) Stay live forever because they appear on many sites. So, even if some sites eventually disappear, you can still find the article on other sites.

ii) Drive Continuous Traffic: Articles I wrote when I first started using article marketing back in 2006 to promote my ebooks still pop up in searches all these years later.

iii) Brand You As an Expert: If you keep popping up in searches related to your product/service, you gain expert status in the eyes of potential buyers. This builds trusts, which leads to sales.

Learn more about this form of ebook marketing in this free article marketing tutorial.

For all of the reasons listed here, article marketing is an excellent way to market and sell more ebooks online. And, the best part is -- itís completely free!

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been writing and selling ebooks online since 2002. She attributes article marketing with helping her to keep her ebook sales consistent. Learn all you need to know about this form of online ebook marketing, including how to set up an ebook affiliate program, how to make sure your ebook will sell before you write it, how to create professional ebook covers Ė and more!

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