Ebook Theft: 3 Easy Things You Can Do to Prevent Someone from Copying and Selling Your Ebook
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Iím a self-publisher who has been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. Since Amazon entered the picture, this form of making money as a writer has become extremely popular. And rightly so. Authors get to keep the lionís share of their profits when they publish via this medium, and they get to keep complete control (ie, rights) to their works.

Of course, as any industry matures, the bad apples come out and stealing to get their slice of the money pie. Here, Iím talking about ebook theft. Many self-published authors have found their works stolen Ė duplicated and resold for profit without their permission. Following are three easy e-book security measures you can take to stop ebook theft.

Ebook Security: How to Stop Someone from Stealing Your Ebook and Reselling It As Their Own

1. Secure Your File: What I mean by this is, when you turn your Word file into a pdf file, before you upload it to your site, make it a secured pdf file. Even many free pdf softwares will have this feature. By securing your pdf file, you can, for example, restrict printing, copying, screen readers, any kind of modifications, etc.

2. Use a Digital Service Provider: The easiest way to prevent ebook theft is to sign up to a digital service provider like e-Junkie. What is this? Itís a service that hosts your ebook files and deliver it immediately to customers once an order is placed.

A side benefit of using this type of service when you sell ebooks online is that it increases ebook sales because customers donít have to wait for you to manually send them a file. For the first few years of my ebook selling career, I didnít use this type of service.

Not only did it cost me time (and it was a pain administratively), it cost me sales. The reason I know this is that as soon as I signed up, I saw an immediate increase in my ebook sales. So itís definitely worth it, and such services are cheap. You can sign up for usually less than $10 per month.

3. Change Download Link Regularly: This tip about writing and selling ebooks online applies to those who, for whatever reason, choose not to use a digital service provider. If you sell your ebooks directly from your site, be sure to change the download link regularly, for the same reason you should change your banking or any other password on a frequent basis.

These tips wonít totally prevent ebook theft, but it will significantly cut down on it because most thieves are lazy. These simple e-book security measures make their jobs harder, hence keeping your works safer.

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