Freelance Writers: 3 Pieces of Advice on How Handle EBook Writing
(Ghostwriting) and Editing Jobs

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Ebook writing and editing services are growing in demand by leaps and bounds. Proof? In one 90-day period, I completed two ebook writing projects; got a contract for another one; and responded to at least a half dozen requests for this type of service.

As a freelance writer, adding ebook writing (ie, ghostwriting) and editing jobs to your list of services can really add to your bottom line because they usually mean a chunk of money at one time.

However, you must be careful when booking these types of freelance writing jobs because you could easily work for pennies if you're not careful. To this end, following are three pieces of advice about handling these types of jobs.

Ebook Writing and Editing Jobs: 3 Things I Learned about How to Handle These Types of Jobs So That They're Profitable

1. Research: Every ebook needs research. Even if you know the subject matter intimately, you're going to have to do some type of research. So, my tip here is to build a minimum number of hours in for research on these types of projects.

2. Client Vision: Writing is a creative endeavor; hence, there is no right or wrong answer - like in math for instance. There are, however, differences of opinion - which can lead to trouble. So when a client commissions an ebook from you, be aware that they probably have a vision; an idea of what they want - even though they're hiring someone else to write it (you).

In order to ensure that their vision matches what you give them, have your ebook writing and editing prospects fill out a questionnaire that gives you important details about the subject matter. The purpose of this?

It helps you to give the client exactly what they want. As an aside, this will also cut down on your research and writing time because it lays out the client's vision - in their own words.

3. A Note about Pricing Ebook Writing Jobs: At my writing company, we've ghostwritten multiple ebooks for some clients. I think the reason they keep coming back to us - in addition to the fact that they like our style of writing - is that they know what they're going to pay because, where possible, we cap the price.

As the price of creative projects can get out of hand because of their very nature, this provides a sense of comfort for clients. For example, I'll say something to the effect of:

The estimated price for this 10-page ebook is $1,200, but we can cap that at $1,050 if you return the contract within 24 hours and agree to all stipulations within.

Completing Ebook Editing and Writing Jobs: Conclusion

Freelancing can be an up-and-down financial existence. One of the reasons I like I doing ebook writing and editing jobs is because it's a chunk of money at one time, which is great for padding the dry spells that all freelancers experience at one time or another.

Learn how to find ebook writing and editing jobs.

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