Freelance Writers: 3 Simple Ways to Make More Money From Your Blog
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I've been a freelance writer since 1993. My site has been online since 1999. In spite of this, I didn't start to take blogging seriously until 2005. The reason I point this out is that building a blog has been one of the easiest ways I've found to make more money as a freelance writer. And the reason is pretty simple - it's a home on the web that you can turn into any kind of money-making venture you want.

3 Ways to Earn More as a Freelance Writer

To explain in more detail, when you're a freelance writer, you're running a business. And with only so many hours in the day, if you want to make more money from your writing talents, you have three options. You can:

(i) Raise your freelance writing rates (and post them on your blog, of course); or

(ii) Take on more clients (post on your blog the type of work you and how you can help clients achieve their content marketing goals); or

(iii) Create other revenue streams (and promote them via a blog; more on this below).

Now while the first two options are simple and easy enough to do; they're not without some drawbacks. For example, if you raise your freelance writing rates, you may lose clients. When you lose clients, then you'll most likely have to replace at least some of them to keep your earnings consistent.

If you take on more clients (option number ii), that leaves you less free time and you run the risk of burnout. I've been there and done that - and let me tell ya, it ain't fun!

This is why I like the third option best - and one I try to get freelance writers to see the benefit of - because it can pay dividends (literally and figuratively speaking) for years to come.

Freelance Writers: Some Revenue Streams You Can Create and Promote by Building a Blog

Following are three things I've done as a freelance writer that have not only increased my income, but made it easier for me to pick and choose the type of writing clients I work with BECAUSE I have diversified my earning power.

Self-Publishing: As a freelance writer, you can write and sell your own ebooks. With platforms like Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, etc., having a "mainstream" publisher is no longer a must to make money self-publishing books - especially ebooks - online.

Affiliate Marketing: As a freelance writer, you probably use several tools that you can easily market as an affiliate, eg, your web hosting company, your newsletter provider, the WordPress theme you use for your website/blog, etc.

For example, I earn several hundred dollars per month just passively promoting my web hosting company. It's because I had a bad experience with one host, so when I switched, I wrote a blog post about it, signed up for my new web host company's affiliate program, and put a link on my site to it. That was a few years ago and it still earns me money to this day.

Publishing Minisites: If you're passionate about a topic, it's easy to create a niche blog about it. Then to monetize it, put some AdSense ads on it and/or some affiliate products that match your subject matter.

This is another thing I do that earns me a couple of hundred bucks a month. And as I only update my niche blog a few times a month, it's kinda like earning money on autopilot.

Conclusion: Making Money by Building a Blog

The bottom line is, if you're a freelance writer, you already have a talent for turning words into dollars. So instead of doing it "just" for clients, do it for yourself as well. This will give you much more peace of mind as a freelancer because you'll have several incomes streams - which means you're not putting all of your proverbial eggs in one basket.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company she founded in 2008. She's also the author of over 50 ebooks, which cover topics such as freelance writing, SEO writing, self-publishing and online / affiliate marketing. They can all be found on her freelance writing website, Inkwell Editorial.

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