Marketing for Freelance Writing Jobs: 6 Things You Should Know Before You Start
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Many new freelancers don’t realize that editorial is cyclical. Hence, the first things you should know is that "when" to market for freelance writing jobs is as important as "what" to say in your marketing pieces.

"When are the busy times in freelance writing?"

The busy times tend to be from right after Labor Day to the middle of December and from about the third week of January thru May. Summer tends to be slow. I’ve been a freelancer since 1993 and worked in the publishing industry in New York City for a decade, and this is based on my experiences.

Now that you know a bit more about when the best times to market are, let’s discuss some specifics about how to market; specifically knowing the five marketing W’s (ie, the who, what, where, when and why. The five w’s help you to clearly define your target market. Once you know the answers to the five w’s, it’ll be so much easier to devise effective marketing messages – messages that land more freelance writing jobs.

The 5 W's of Marketing: Learning Them Is the "Secret" to Getting More Freelance Writing Jobs

WHO is your target market? The most effective way to go about this is to learn the “demographics” and “psychographics” of your audience. In case you’re wondering what demographics and psychographics are, these are terms used by professionals in advertising that refer to what I call “hard” and “soft” variables of your target marketing.

For example, psychographic variables are those attributes that relate to things like personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles. They are also called IAO variables (for Interests, Attitudes, and Opinions). Demographic variables are those things that can be readily measured, eg, age, gender, race, usage rate, etc.

WHAT is your target markets’ pain’ points (ie, what problem do they want/need solved)? Some ways to find this out is to scour industry-specific forums, devise a simple questionnaire that asks them key questions, reach out and ask on social media, etc.

WHERE do they hang out? You want to know where the congregate online and offline. Good places to find this out is via industry associations, online discussion groups and forums, niche blogs, etc.

WHEN to contact them? You can have the best marketing message and product/service in the world, but if you reach out via outlets that are annoying and/or ineffective, it won’t land you any freelance writing jobs. So, find out how your target market likes to be contacted, eg, phone, direct mail, social media, etc.

WHY do they need your services? This means clearly defining the BENEFITS that your skill as a freelance writer can provide them.

The Big Marketing Mistake Many Freelance Writers Make

Learn one of the biggest mistakes freelancers make when trying to land freelance writing jobs – and a whole lot more about how to market effectively.

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