Holiday Writing Tips for Self-Publishers: 4 Ways to Stay on Track So You Don't Lose Focus and Money
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The holidays are right around the corner. And, like dieting, that means that a lot of us give up on our regular ďnose-to-the-grindstone, stick-with-itĒ programs and habits. If this resonates with you (and goodness knows it does for me during this time of year), following are four tips on how to stay on track with your writing Ė whether itís finishing that non-fiction novel or getting out your first how-to ebook for your online business.

1. Open Your Writing Document: Ö and just start writing. Yeah, it really is that simple. Iím always amazed that I procrastinate so much on writing because when I open the document and just get started, I usually have no problem getting something down on paper Ė even if itís crap.

The simple act of just ďgetting on with it!Ē is powerful.

2. Do It First Thing: One thing Iíve learned as a marathon runner is that you tend to do first thing in the morning what is most important to you.

When Iím in ďgotta doĒ training for a marathon, running usually moves to the beginning of my day. Now Iíve been a runner for almost 30 years, and I can get jiggy with it, as in, jiggy with the schedule Ė sometimes working out once a week, other times three times, some weeks go by with no running at all. Yeah, I get lazy. But when I get serious about my training because Iíve paid out cold, hard cash for a specific marathon, the running gets priority. I get up and get it out of the way first thing in the morning.

So if you find yourself ďnever having timeĒ to write, get up and do it first thing in the morning, which brings me to my next tip, which is Ö

3. Donít Get Online: We all know what a distraction this can be. So when you first get up to do some writing, donít get online, not even Ďjustí to check email or Ďjustí to check Twitter cuz you know where that leads. Two to three hours later, youíre still surfing and procrastinating and havenít written one word! And you know Iím right, so just donít do it.

4. Adhere to a Word Count: On those days when I do have problems writing, having a word count helps because even if I know that what Iíve written that day is never going to see the light of day, at least I feel productive.

My daily word count is currently 1,000 on my fiction ebook writing projects (which is the type of ebooks Iím working on adding to my cache of info products now).

And you know what? Usually, you can salvage some part of your work, so itís almost never a lost cause.


I promise you, if you do enact these four holiday writing tips, youíll be able to enjoy this festive time of year, and still stay on track with your writing goals Ė and your income goals (because how much you earn is tied directly to how much you produce, especially in the beginning of your self-publishing career).

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