How to Get SEO Writing Jobs with Little or No Experience
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I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993. In 2007, I started writing SEO content for clients and it changed the direction of my freelance business for good. Because this type of freelance writing job was so plentiful, it quickly became almost the only type of writing I did. In 2008, I started an SEO writing company that specializes in providing all types of search engine optimized copy for all types of clients (eg, blog posts, press releases, web articles, etc.).

When I first started out as an SEO copywriter, even though I had tons of experience as a freelancer, I had no experience producing this type of web content. But, I managed to build a thriving freelance business in this niche anyway. Following is an easy-to-follow plan that you too can use to land SEO writing jobs, even if you have little or no experience.

3 Steps to Landing SEO Writing Gigs

I. Select a Niche: What I mean by this is, figure out a niche and target prospects in it. The best niches to start with are those you have experience in/with. For example, I have experience with real estate. I’ve been a real estate agent and a loan officer (mortgage consultant). So, I know how to walk the walk and talk the talk of this industry.

Hence, I could target loan officers and real estate agents. The best thing about targeting niches like this to find SEO writing jobs is that these professionals are easy to locate online. This brings me to the next step, which is to construct a marketing database.

II. Create a Marketing Database: If you target any type of professional (eg, real estate agents, loan officers, plumbers, dentists, etc.), all you have to do is hit the web and type in keyword phrases like “real estate agent” and “your city” (if you only want to work with local clients) to start locating the websites of these individuals.

On their website, you’ll likely find all of their contact information, eg, email address, phone number, physical address, etc. Put all of this info into a file. This is your marketing database.

III. Make Contact: Now that you have their contact info, you can start getting in touch. How you contact them is up to you. One of my favorite methods is email marketing. So when I first started, I wrote up a specific letter and sent it to each contact in my database.

Within the first week, I landed 14 SEO writing jobs. Within a couple of months, I got so busy that I had to outsource work to other freelance SEO writers to meet deadlines.

How Much Do SEO Copywriters Earn?

According to the leading job search site,, the average salary for seo copywriting jobs as of this writing (Spring 2012) is around $45,000. The site points out that average SEO copywriter salaries can vary widely, due to the individual company, geographic location, type of industry, experience and benefits.

Speaking from personal experience, as a freelance SEO writer, you can earn much more.

Why Landing SEO Article Writing Jobs with No Experience Is Relatively Easy

The demand for this type of writing is high and the reason is, every website needs content in order to rank well (ie, get traffic, which leads to sales). And unlike other niches in freelance writing, clients don’t focus so much on previous experience. All they want to know is if you understand how to write SEO content; how much you charge; and what your turnaround time is. If you can satisfy clients on these three levels, your chances of landing SEO writing jobs is very good.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (, an SEO writing company. She’s the author of numerous ebooks on the subject, eg, How to Write SEO Copy That Sells, as well as the creator of one of the leading SEO copywriter training courses online. The course teaches everything you need to know about not only how to write SEO copy, but how to earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year – your first year – as an SEO writer.

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