How to Write an Ebook That’s a "Hot Seller": A Successful Self-Publisher Shares Some Insight
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Before we delve into this article, let me give you some background so you’ll know where I’m coming from during this discussion on how to write ebooks that sell.

I’ve been self-publishing (writing and selling ebooks online) since 2004. I’ve written over four dozen ebooks, and sell them via various outlets, eg, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu and my own website, to name a few. Since 2010, over half my income has come directly from ebooks I write and sell; the other half comes from writing for clients (I’m own an SEO writing company) and dabbling in internet marketing.

Now that you know my background, following is some insight into how to write an ebook – one that sells well.

3 Tips on How to Write an Ebook That Sells Well

I. Get Active Online: The reason I say this is, the ideas for some of my best-selling ebooks have come from readers of my blogs, websites and social media accounts. So if you have a passion for something, start a blog, a website, create social media accounts – and interact with others who are like minded.

What you’re doing when you do this is creating an online “community” who will give you feedback, insight, -- and potential pearls of wisdom that can lead to writing a best-seller.

For example, when you blog, do you find that certain posts receive a lot of comments and questions? Do certain links you post to your social media accounts get shared a lot? Are you asked the same questions about a particular topic over and over again?

These are all ways that your readers are clamoring for more information on a certain topic. This is information that can be made into “hot selling” ebook.

II. Learn SEO: Just in case you don’t know what this is, it’s SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. This fancy phrase can be boiled down to the following . . . it’s how people search for and find stuff online.

The reason it’s important to learn the basics of SEO is that you can then use it to find out if there’s a big enough audience for your ebook to be a success. Learn more about SEO and why it’s important to selling ebooks online.

FYI, not only is knowing SEO important to finding out if you have a big enough audience to market to, but it is the very foundation of any online ebook marketing campaign. You simply can’t be effective marketing an ebook online without knowing the basics of search engine optimization.

III. Title Your Ebook Well: In my opinion, too many don’t give enough credence to this. And the reason it’s important is that we’re inundated daily with thousands of marketing messages. Research has shown that you only have between three and seven seconds to catch a prospect’s attention online. Hence, it’s critically important that your ebook title relays your message.

Where many go wrong here is they try to “be everything to everybody” and miss their target market. They worry about missing OUT on “a lot” of prospects, when they should be worried about honing IN on “relevant, interested” prospects.

So spend a lot of time on your ebook's title. It'll pay off in sales.

My ebook titles tend to be long – which goes against some ebook marketing wisdom. But it works for me, so while I always try to keep titles succinct, I won’t hesitate to “go long” if I feel I need to to get my message across.

I hope these tips on how to write ebooks that sell help. Remember, it’s in the details that games are won or lost – and the game of writing ebooks and selling (a lot) of them online is no different.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. To date, she’s self-published over 50. In her self-publishing package, you get everything you need to start making a living as an ebook writer / self-publisher – from how to write an ebook, to how to create professional ebook covers, to how to set up an affiliate program.

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