Jobs for Writers: How to Earn Really Good Money Writing Short Special Reports
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There are tons of jobs for writers, especially in this, the age of content marketing. In case you don’t know, content marketing is simply sharing informative content with prospects in order to convert them into customers – hopefully long-term, repeat customers. It’s a brilliant way to market because it costs nothing but time. As a freelance writer, you can earn money in a couple of ways by writing and distributing free reports. Following are the details on each.

I. Freelance Writers: How to Write and Distribute Free Reports to Land Customers

As far as jobs for writers go, producing free reports is an excellent way for freelancers to land new clients. If you’re wondering, “What will I write about,” that’s easy. Write about the benefits you can provide prospective clients.

For example, let’s say you’re an SEO writer. Many clients are new to the world of search engine optimization (SEO). So, you can write up a 3-5 page report explaining what SEO is all about and how it can help online businesses get more online traffic and sales.

Convert this report into a pdf file and upload it to your website, so that visitors can see it and download it for free. You can also proactively distribute it. What I mean by this is, contact prospects via email, via your newsletter and via your social media accounts – again, offering it as a free download.

By educating clients in this manner, you get them interested and invested in the types of services you offer as a freelance writer. And, when the prospect is ready to hire a freelance writer, who do you think has a good chance of landing their business?

Why you, of course!

II. Freelance Writers: Land Clients by Offering to Write Free Reports for Them

And, I don’t mean “write for free.” This is not one of those jobs for writers where this is required. What I mean by “write free reports” is to explain to clients the benefits of content marketing (ie, writing and distributing free reports). Then, offer to write up some for their firm.

Most clients like “pre-packaged” deals, ie, a specific report for a specific price. For example, I had a client who taught online marketing strategies to businesses nationwide. One of their seminars was on pay per click marketing. They hired my firm to write up a report that detailed how pay per click campaigns could help online businesses generate leads and sales.

They used this report – which they distributed for free – as marketing material for their seminars.

How Much Freelance Writers Can Earn Writing Special Reports

The report was written for a set fee, eg, $1,000 for 5-10 pages. This way, they knew exactly what they were getting as far as length and how much it was going to cost. It took my firm about a week to produce it and we spent between 10-15 hours on it between the researching, writing and editing.

While this is nowhere near what top copywriters charge. just producing one of these per week can earn proactive freelancers a very good living.

FYI, most of the special reports my firm created have been in the 5-15 page range, and the cost is anywhere from $750 to $1,500 dollars. You should also know that once clients are invested in this type of marketing, they tend to order more than one report. Several of my firm’s clients have ordered more than one.

I love this type of writing because, as stated just above, if you do nothing but one report a week, it’s a very good living. Also, you get to learn a lot about a particular niche, which you can parlay into other content offerings for clients (eg, blog posts, web articles, case studies, etc.).

Why Content Marketing Has Created a Huge Demand for Freelance Writers

Online marketing has matured to the point where web surfers want detailed information before they purchase online. Proof? According to the article, How to Get More Positive Customer Reviews, on

Savvy shoppers today search online before buying anything. A recent study by Compete [a leading digital marketing intelligence company] found that ‘94% of consumers conduct research online before making a purchase.’ In days gone by, shoppers only did their research when thinking about purchasing high-end items like cars and appliances. But these days, statistics show that most shoppers do online research for much smaller purchases. In the age of information, customers like to know what they’re getting.

One of the best ways to help customers to “know what they’re getting” is to distribute helpful data about a product/service.

And, who’s better equipped to help companies create this information? You, a freelance writer.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been a freelance writer since 1993. She heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company, and is the webmaster of, a leading portal for aspiring freelance writers. Learn more about how to market for jobs for writers most freelancers have never heard of – you’ll decrease the competition and increase your chance of landing more gigs!

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