How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing Just by Posting Free Ads Online:
2 First-Hand Tips

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Making money posting free ads online is one of the quickest, easiest way's I've found to make money as an affiliate marketer -- especially if it's all new to you. The reason is, you only need two things to earn money online placing free ads. They are: (i) a good product/service; and (ii) a decent amount of traffic.

Free classified ad sites like Backpage and Craigslist provide all the traffic you could need. And, you can find free products to promote on sites like Clickbank and CommissionJunction. Or, you could produce your own -- which is what I do mostly.

The 2 Mistakes Many Make When Trying to Make Money Posting Ads Online: Insight on How to Fix Them

I stumbled this method of making money online back in late 2008/early 2009 - which was my first "real" go at affiliate marketing. It's worked so beautifully, that I still use it to this day. As a result, I receive a lot of questions about my success. Following are two of the biggest mistakes I see those who try this make:

1. Not Being Patient Enough: This is quite understandable because many who are new to internet marketing usually are trying to imitate the success of others they've read about. And, this is natural. However, you have to realize that it probably took some twists and turns for those who've had success to achieve it.

For example, I'm always very clear about the fact that I "accidentally" starting making money posting free ads online. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a "hot" product which was in the news all the time (eg, on Oprah, 60 Minutes and nightly news programs).

With coverage like this, it was relatively easy to make sales promoting this product. Once, I earned $900 in one day promoting this product. But this was an anomaly; it's unlikely to happen a lot.

To date, I haven't promoted another one which has been this successful. But, I have promoted others that earn a few hundred per month regularly - with very little effort. If you string together two, three or four products that earn you $400, $600 or $800 per month, you can earn a very nice living just by posting free classified ads online.

But, you have to be patient enough to find those.

2. Product Hopping: As in, flitting from product to product - and not giving any a real chance to succeed.

Besides promoting my own products and services (eg, ebooks and online classes), I have a couple of products that I've consistently promoted since 2008. These are evergreen products that a lot of people need, so they'll always make money if I do my part to promote them. Again, consistently.

It can get boring promoting the same affiliate products over and over again - especially if you're only making "a few hundred bucks per month." But, you have to take the long-range view.

Affiliate Marketing Tip for Newbies: If a product is profitable, add it to your "stable of producers" and find three, four or five others that are profitable. Then, you can just promote these and earn a decent part-time or full-time income.

Instead of taking this route though, many will hop from one affiliate product to another - forgetting the ones that made them a little "consistent" money (see how consistency is a running theme), in search of the one that's going to earn them "thousands" per month.

Unfortunately, this just probably is not going to happen.

To make money posting ads online is not hard - but the key is to find a few winners and consistently promote them. Did I mention that the best part of this online business is that it's free? And, you can start today -- really!

About the Author: Yuwanda has earned her living completely online since 2007, earning thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer just by placing free ads online. Learn everything you need to know about how to make money posting free ads, including how to choose "hot" products to promote, how to write effective ads, whether or not you need a website/blog -- and more.

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