Social Media Management: Why It's Possible to Earn $2,000 to $3,000 Per Month as a Social Media Consultant
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Do you like to tweet? Do you spend hours on Facebook? Have a LinkedIn account? If so, you can easily start a home-based business offering social media management services to clients. Itís fairly straightforward and can be done in as little as a few hours per day.

How do I know? Because my SEO writing firm offers social media consulting to clients, and itís quickly becoming one of the most popular services we offer.

Social Media Management: The Main Reasons Itís Becoming So Popular

My SEO writing company,, has been offering social media management services since 2008. But as one freelancer noted, I donít think clients were ready. She stated:

I started offering social media services to small businesses in 2009, but I think it was too soon ó clients werenít ready then. Fast forward a few years later and I think, like you wrote, now is the perfect time because folks know they MUST use social media. I got a health care client by accident recently, and social media is the perfect add-on for blog and web content services with existing clients.

Social media has evolved to the point where itís no longer an option for businesses if they want to stay competitive Ė especially online. Itís a must-have service.

But, many businesses Ė especially smaller firms Ė are stuck. Either they donít have the time, know-how, or inclination to learn about it and how to effectively integrate it into their businesses. This spells opportunity for you, especially if you already freelance as a freelance writer, blogger or web designer. And even if you donít, you can start a home-based business JUST offering this type of service.

How to Effectively Offer Social Media Management: 3 Things You Must Do

Following are three things to keep in mind if you decide to start a business as a social media consultant.

I. Decide Which Social Media Outlets Youíll Cover: The three biggest players on the social media front these days are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Another one thatís heating up lately is Pinterest ( You can interact on all, or some, of these for clients.

Tip: Only offer social media marketing services you are extremely familiar with. The reason is, most clients will want to be hands off, leaving you to handle everything. So, you must be very familiar with the ins and outs of each platform.

II. Be Very Specific about What Your Services Entail: Decide up front Ė and be very clear with your clients Ė about just how involved youíre going to be, eg, will you just tweet, or will you tweet, respond to tweets, actively seek new followers, etc.

III. Learn How to Use Social Media Management Tools: If you know which social media automation tools to use, you can literally spend minutes per day on each client account and earn hundreds (sometimes a few thousand) per month managing client accounts.

For most of my firmís social media accounts, we spend about around 15-20 minutes per day interacting for them Ė and earn hundreds per month for each account.

Get everything you need to start offering social media management services to clients.

How Much Money Can I Make Offering Social Media Management Services

By landing just four to six clients and charging $500 per month, which is very reasonable, you could be earning $2,000 to $3,000 per month as a social media specialist. Just in case youíre on the fence about it, consider this: the average salary for social media consultants in the U.S. as of this writing is $66,000 per year. Freelancers tend to earn even more.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (, an SEO writing company. Sheís the author of over 50 ebooks, including one on starting a home-based business offering social media management services entitled, How to Earn $100-$300 Per Hour as a Social Media Consultant: Career Advice for Freelance Writers, Bloggers, Web Designers & Other Creative Professionals.

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