Is There Any Way to Make Money Posting Ads Online?
Yes – Here’s Why & How to Do It in 3 Easy Steps

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I’ve been making money posting ads online since 2008. I stumbled upon this way of making money online – when I gave affiliate marketing a try. After perfecting my method over a couple of years, in a 21-month stretch -- I earned $84,358.24 (from Jan 1, 2010 to Sep 23, 2011). And, I did it all using free techniques like placing free ads online.

How Much Can You Earn Placing Ads on Free Classified Ad Sites Like Backpage?

2017 Update: I STILL use this method of internet marketing to make money online. See for some proof-of-income screen shots going back to 2009 from my PayPal account.

So again, I'm a living testament that "Yes, you can make money online – quick!" Your inbox can look like the following (a screenshot of some of my sales as a result of marketing products, back in 2013).

Three years later in 2016, placing free ads is still working. See? FYI, these four orders added up to over $230 -- in one day and it was just after noon (12 pm U.S. EST).

Depending on your product/service, you probably won't have a lot of days like this, but again, $50-$150 per day is a very attainable goal in my experience -- if you place ads consistently with a good, reasonably priced product, which I tell you how to find (or create yourself).

If the following thoughts have ever run through your head, the info I’m going to share here will shed some light on why it’s possible.

“I wish I knew a way to make money online that was easy;”

“I need to know how to make extra money”;

“Is there really an easy way to make money online”; or

“I need to make extra money – quick!”

2 Reasons Making Money Online Posting Ads Is Possible

It’s Free: You don’t need any startup capital using this method. Just by utilizing the larger free classified ad sites like Craigslist and Backpage, you can get started right away.

Lots of Website Traffic: There are two basic requirements everyone needs to make money online – no matter what you’re selling or how much money you have / don’t have. They are: (i) an in-demand product or service; and (ii) a decent amount of web traffic. Free classified ad sites like Craigslist and backpage provide the traffic.

To find products and services to promote, all you have to do is log onto like Clickbank and CommissionJunction to find thousands of products and services to promote.

When you put these two things together – a good product/service and a free source of traffic – well, it’s a match made in affiliate marketing heaven!

How to Make Money Posting Ads Online in 3 Easy Steps

Now that you know why it’s relatively simple to make some money just by posting ads on free classified ad sites, following is how to go about it in three easy steps.

1. Choose a Product/Service: For example, Clickbank has over 10,000 e-products you can choose from. Again, it doesn’t cost you a dime. All you do is scroll through, select a few products that appeal to you, and write your ad, which brings us to the next step.

2. Write a Benefits-Oriented Ad: What I mean by this is, create an ad that highlights the benefit to the reader, eg, it’ll make you lose weight faster, earn money quickly, win back the love of your life, etc.

Whatever it is, make it compelling enough that the person who reads it will want to click the link in your ad. This link should take them to a sales page or page on your site/the product creators site that will give them more info about the product/service and take some kind of action, eg, make a purchase, sign up to a newsletter, etc..

3. Post Regularly: This is the soft spot for many affiliate marketers who try to make money posting ads online. They give up way too soon and don’t post often enough. When I first started, I posted ads every day – 25, 50 or 100 or more.

Why this often and this many ads? Because marketing advertising wisdom is that prospective customers have to see an ad on average of 7 to 28 times before they’ll make a purchase.

So if you’re not posting on a regular basis, you not only don’t give potential customers a chance to see your ad often enough, you leave the door open for some other consistent affiliate marketer to get what could have been your sale.


There’s much more to making money posting ads online, but the process really is as simple as what’s discussed here. You can literally start making money today with this method. And the fun part is, it’s pretty easy to work up to earning $50 to $150 per day – or more – if you find a popular product/service – and stay consistent with your marketing. I know, I’ve done it!

Good luck if you decide to try this way of making money online. Hands down, it’s one of the easiest ways I’ve ever found to do it – and did I mention, it’s free?

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has earned her living completely online since 2007, earning thousands of dollars as a freelance writer and online marketer. Learn everything you need to know about how to make money posting ads, including how to choose "hot" products to promote, how to write effective ads, whether or not you need a website/blog -- and more.

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