How to Find Money-Making Affiliate Products Just by Placing Free Ads Online
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I've been using free classified ad sites to make money online as an affiliate marketer since late 2008/early 2009. These days, it's extremely rare for me to go even one day without earning money. One of the main reasons for this is that I have multiple income streams. One of them is affiliate marketing. In adddition to blogging and article marketing, all I basically do is place free ads on popular sites like backpage (my favorite free classified ad site).

If you've done any affiliate marketing at all, you know that there's a lot out there to promote and finding a "winner" can be difficult. But once you do, boy can it be lucrative! And, this is one of the reasons I like using free classified ads sites. It helps me find winning products and services to promote.

How to Place Free Ads and Find Money-Making Affiliate Products to Promote: 3 Steps

Following is exactly what I do to find lucrative affiliate products to promote.

1. Choose a Product: I use; it's the web's leading retailer of digital products. They have thousands of e-products you can choose from. Now, let me say up front, there's a lot of junk on this site, but there are some real winners too. I liken it to shopping at a thrift shop. You have to weed through a lot of useless merchandise, but the designer duds are there!

Tip on how to choose affiliate products to promote: Choose products you actually use (eg, a web hosting service) or those you have an intense interest in (eg, dog grooming). Never underestimate the "passion" factor when choosing affiliate products to promote.

2. Write Ads: When you place free ads on sites like backpage, it's important to make them "benefits-oriented," ie, explain to customers what's in it for them. Ads can be short or long. Most of mine are in the 50-150 word range.

3. Place Free Ads on Selected Sites: Before I invest in any other form of marketing, I'll place ads for a week or so to see if I make any sales.

If I place 50 or so ads per day for 5-7 days and I make a sale or two, I'll consider the product a winner. Now, this is very subjective; each affiliate marketer will have their own set of criteria. But my reasoning is, if I can make sales just by placing a "few ads per day," then it's worth it for me to go ahead and invest in my other favored form of marketing (ie, article marketing). I may even go on to build an affiliate website/blog for the product.

FYI, there are thousands of free classified ad sites. As I said before, my favorite is backpage, so I tend to stick pretty much to this one.

Place Free Ads: The Easiest Way to Earn Money Online without Spending Any Money

Testing new affiliate products really is this simple. Once I find a winning product, I'll add it to my "money making list" and promote it regularly. I have a few products in addition to my own ebooks -- that I've been promoting since 2008. Once you find a good money maker, it's wise to stick with it, unless the market changes and sales your sales start to be affected.

How Much Can You Earn as an Affiliate Marketer If You Place Free Ads Consistently

I've earned as much as $900 in affiliate product sales in one day; most months I average between $50-$150 per day. And mostly all I do to find good products to invest my time in promoting is place free ads online.

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