Making Money Placing Free Classified Ads Online:
How to Quickly Place Ads Without Using Software

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Using free classified ad sites like Backpage and Craigslist to make money online is one of the easiest, quickest ways I know to start earning money from home – especially if you have little to no money to start. I’ve been doing this since 2009, and it’s an outlet I still use to this day – and a lot of other marketers too. Proof?

Recently, I received the following email from someone thinking of using it to promote a high-end business franchise opportunity. He wrote:

I have a client who is a franchise broker -- in other words, he helps people find their ideal franchise opportunity and works with over 600 major brands across a wide range of industries. He is offering a referral commission of $2,000 to $4,000 for each candidate referred to him that is successfully placed in a franchise.

… according to my client, Craigslist was once an incredible source of leads with huge ROI before they put all the restrictions on. He doesn't seem to have much experience with Backpage, but if it's even a fraction of the effectiveness CL used to be, it might be very worthwhile [to give your free classified ad system a try].

How to Use Free Classified Ad Sites to Test Affiliate Products

Bottom line – using free classified ad sites is an incredible way to promote business opportunities – everything from low-cost to high-cost ones. I’ve earned as much as $900 in one day promoting affiliate products – so it definitely works.

One of the ways I use to gauge the possible success of an affiliate product I may want to promote is to place ads on Backpage to judge interest. If I get a sale or two during the first week or so after continually placing ads during this time, I know I have a potential winner on my hands. If not, I may try other forms of marketing, or move on. So yeah, it’s very effective.

How to Quickly Place Free Ads Online Manually

I used to recommend a software for placing ads on Backpage. Nowadays though, I do it by hand (or hire someone to do it for me). I just finished doing it this morning (I like to stay close to the products/services I promote) – and it took me like an hour and twenty minutes to place 50 ads.

It used to go quicker, but Backpage has gotten more tricky with their captcha codes. Whereas you used to just have to type in some numbers and letters, now the Captcha codes look like variations of this (see graphic just below), ie, choose the pics with street signs, or pick out the pics with waffles.

Even though this does make it a bit more time-consuming, you can still place quite a few in just a couple of hours per day, and it does get easier and go quicker as you get into it. Following is the system I use to speed things up.

1. Open 10 to 15 browser tabs at one time.

2. Place city URL in each tab.

3. Cut/place all titles in all open tabs, then double back and cut/paste your message in Description box. FYI, I tend to use generic messages in the Description box, eg, “Click here for more details.” This way, I can code it and just cut/paste that same message.

4. Go back to each open tab and cut/place your email address in the "Your email address" and "Confirm Email Address" spaces.

5. Go back and click “Continue” in each open browser box

6. Finish up by dealing with the Captcha codes in each open browser window.

The key is to do the same thing to each box at once instead of placing one full ad in each window. This helps it to go exponentially faster – and for you to make less mistakes.

When to Place Ads

This is a great thing to do if you’re mindlessly watching TV in the evenings. Before you know it, you’ll have placed 50 or 60 while watching your favorite program.

FYI, keep a file of some titles you can place in the “Title” box and some pre-coded body text that you can put in the “Description” box. This will speed things up, especially if you’re promoting the same product(s) over and over again.

Good luck if you decide to give this way of making money online for free a try.

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