Selling Ebooks Online: How One Writer Self-Published 50 Ebooks On Amazon in One Year
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Many writers have given up the dream of getting a traditional publishing contract and have turned to selling ebooks online – ebooks they’ve written and are promoting and keeping most of the profits. One of these is freelance writer and online entrepreneur Yuwanda Black, who’s the publisher behind, a website that teaches others how to become successful freelance writers.

When asked how she managed to publish 50 ebooks on Amazon (for Kindle) in one year, Ms. Black responded:

As an entrepreneur, I know the quickest route to the sale is to get a product/service directly into the hands of the consumer. Amazon makes your ebooks available to a worldwide audience – for free. And, you get to keep most of the profit.

I published my first ebook on the site in December 2010, and got my first sale a few days later. After experiencing this success, I knew it was just a matter of publishing more to earn more, so I set a goal of publishing 50 ebooks in one year – and I did it. My earnings increase almost every month, and by the end of this year [2012], I hope to be earning in the mid-four figures per month on a regular basis, if not more.

So, what exactly do you need to do to publish an ebook on Amazon? It’s really simple. Following are the exact steps to take.

Self-Publish Your Ebook on Amazon in 5 Easy Steps

1. Write an ebook: Most people never even get past this step.

2. Create a professional cover: Covers sell ebooks; so don’t skip this step. You can do this yourself very cheaply using ebook cover creation software.

3. Convert file using Mobi software: It’s a software that turns your ebook from a word/text file into the type of file it needs to be be to be uploaded to Amazon. It’s free.

4. Write description page: Vitally important step, for it tells readers what your ebook is all about. Too many self-published authors don’t take full advantage of this precious ebook selling tool.

5. Upload: Once your file is converted, all you do is upload it via Amazon’s interface. Really easy!

Selling Ebooks Online: The “Secret” to Making Money

The above five steps are easy because once they’re done, they’re done. "Promoting your ebook – the not-so-secret “secret” to making good money selling ebooks -- is a never-ending process. But, it’s what leads to sales," says Ms. Black.



Learn more about selling books online in SELLING EBOOKS ONLINE: How I Published 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year – And You Can Too!. Learn more about ebook writer Yuwanda Black on the “About” page at

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