Selling Ebooks Online: Is Self-Publishing on Kindle for Amazon a Good Idea?
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Iíve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. Iíve written over 50 and mostly sold them via my website until 2010. In December of that year, I uploaded m first title to Amazon (for Kindle). This has made a big difference in my sales. Following is how Ė and why Ė self-publishing on Kindle (for Amazon) is a good idea.

Selling Ebooks Online: 3 Reasons Self-Publishing via Major Sites Like Amazon (for Kindle) Is a Good Idea

1. Drives Traffic: I still earn the bulk of my money selling ebooks online from my website. Publishing on major outlets like Amazon has driven even more traffic to my site because large outlelts like Barnes and Noble and Amazon get tons of traffic. Once I started publishing on Amazon, my overall ebook sales increased by about 30 percent.

Make Money Selling Ebooks Tip: Fill out your ďAuthor ProfileĒ when you self publish on major outlets like Amazon. This is prime ďvirtual real estate.Ē Use it to drive more traffic to your site. I have tons of ebooks for sale on my site, so when readers click through from my profile, they can see other titles that may interest them.

2. Gives Credibility: Amazon has become a major force in the self-publishing industry. After all, it puts your title next to established authors. So, being published alongside them lends some degree of credibility to your ebook. Itís a subliminal marketing technique that works; donít underestimate this.

3. Meet Readers Where They Are: What I mean by this is, millions of buyers now have e-readers (eg, Kindles and Nooks). So, you meet theme where they are technologically when you publish on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Selling Ebooks Online: Other Sites I Sell My Ebooks

Clickbank: Clickbank is the largest online retailer of e-products. Although thereís a lot of junk on this site, it gets tons of traffic. This makes it easy to make money selling ebooks here because itís free for affiliates who want to promote products they like found on this site. This means you can literally have an ďarmyĒ of affiliates promoting your product and you only pay them when they make a sale.

$1,200 in Ebook Sales in a Couple of Days

One day, I had an affiliate on Clickbank sell close to $1,200 worth of my ebooks. Half of that came to me. With just one title on the site, I average between $300 and $500 per month in sales from the site. Not bad considering it only took me about an hour to design a simple website and upload my ebook there.

Lulu: I sell one ebook via this site as well. My ebook sales have never been that impressive from this site, but Iíve read where others have had better luck. Iím not sure why my ebook hasnít done well there, but I donít regret publishing there. After all, every ebook sale counts.

Barnes and Noble: In the spring of 2012, I started uploading my ebooks to this site. The first month, I made a sale. I fully expect this site to provide a good stream of ebook sales once I get all titles up there.

Selling Ebooks Online: Earning $10,000 Per Month?

The bottom line is, it is possible to make a very good living selling ebooks online. I earn four figures per month and am working hard to push this to five (eg, $10,000 per month or more). And, with so many major outlets these days where authors can self-publish their ebooks, I have no doubt Iíll get there. You can too!

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. To date, sheís self-published over 50, which can be found on her website ( and major outlets like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Learn everything you need to know about selling ebooks online Ė from how to write an ebook, to how to create professional ebook covers, to how to set up an ebook affiliate program.

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