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How to Make It Really Easy to Get an Army of Affiliates to Sell Your Ebooks Online

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I've been writing and selling ebooks online since 2002. I've tried a lot of things to sell more ebooks and one of the most effective has been article marketing. While article marketing is time consuming -- creating great content that sells takes time -- it works. So if you want to get others to sell your ebooks, why not write articles and give them away for free to your affiliates?

3 Benefits of Setting Up an Article Marketing Ebook Affiliate Program

Following are three benefits of writing articles and giving them away to your affiliates.

(i) Easy to Say Yes: It makes it easier to attract affiliates. There are thousands, if not a few million, affiliate programs out there. So the competition is stiff. To get affiliates, you must have a good payout, quality products and make it easy for them to WANT to promote your product.

By providing the content for free, all affiliates have to do is enter their affiliate link(s) and copy the article onto their blog, website, in their newsletter, etc. It can't get much easier to start selling ebooks online than this.

(ii) Quick to Get Going: A little-known truth about affiliate marketing no matter what the product or service is -- is that most affiliates are new and they know little about how to make actual sales.

This is why, by the way, so many abandon affiliate marketing programs so soon. They get frustrated because they're not making any money. And, they'll move on to program after program after program trying to find one that works.

So make it easy for them to get up and going and making sales quickly. You'd be amazed at just how a few sales will inspire affiliates to really hunker down and work harder.

(iii) Easy for Affiliates to Make Sales: Nobody knows the content of your ebooks like you. Hence, what you write will most likely be infinitely better than what an affiliate can write. Also, you're most likely passionate about your ebooks. This comes through in the articles you write.

All of this makes it easier for your affiliates to make sales.

Selling Ebooks Online: Because Your Affiliates' Success is Your Success, 3 Things You Should Always Do

Value your affiliates because their success is your success when writing and selling ebooks online. So, make sure that whatever ebook marketing / affiliate program you set up, you do the following at a minimum:

I. Offer a Decent Payout: This will depend on price, of course. But in my opinion, if you sell your ebook for $100 or less, you should be offering at least a 50% cut to affiliates.

II. Produce Quality Products: Don't sell garbage. There's a lot of it on the net and it's quick to get a horrible reputation if you put out junk. If you do this, it'll be hard to recruit affiliates because many do research online about you/your ebooks before signing up.

Conversely, if you produce quality products, affiliates will look forward to marketing your ebooks.

III. Pay Promptly: Never, ever miss a payout. So if you say you pay every 30 days, then do so -- religiously.

I've belonged to a few affiliate programs where I had to remind and/or outright threaten the affiliate program operator with legal action to get commissions I'd earned. You can bet that I stopped promoting those products immediately!

Remember, selling ebooks online is a marathon, not a sprint. Learning how to get affiliates is part of the race. So take the long-range view and treat your affiliates well when you do get them. If you do, they'll return the favor by working hard to sell more of your ebooks.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has written and self-published over 50 ebooks, mostly on the business of freelancing, writing and self-publishing, which can be found on Inkwell Editorial, her freelance writing website. She set up her own article marketing ebook affiliate program in 2012, which has increased her ebook sales. Get "How to Sell Ebooks Online via e-Junkie and Set Up an Ebook Affiliate Program," to learn how to get an army of eager affiliates to start selling your ebooks online!

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