SEO Content Writing: An Aspiring Freelancer Asks,
"Can You Still Make Good Money Doing This?"

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When the economy is down, many look to alternate ways of making a living. One of the most popular is freelance writing. And, with good reasons, ie, its a work-from-home business; it can be started fairly quickly; it has practically no start-up costs (none if you have a computer and an internet connection); and the demand is there. This last reason is why SEO content writing has become so popular lately. The need for web content has never been greater and the bulk of those who provide it are freelancers.

Recently, I received the following question from an aspiring freelancer. He wrote, in part:

I'm considering taking [a] Certificate in Internet Marketing course ($6K)! I'd really like to know, though, that I'm getting into a field in which there genuinely is a lot of hunger for strong, SEO-focused content.

Thank you so very much for your time and assistance.

Is SEO Writing a Viable Freelance Career Option?: My Answer

I sent him a long answer, but the gist of it was this . . . there is a strong demand for web content and its only increasing. Proof? In the article, 2012 SEO Industry Survey Results Share Salaries, Tools, Tactics & More, on popular tech site Search Engine Land, SEO content was one of the main things companies said they were investing in.

Following are some of the duties SEO experts spend their time on . . .

What Are the Duties of an SEO in 2012?

What sort of tasks do we spend our time doing? Social and SEO actions dominate.

76% Social - Set up/ran a Facebook business page

64% Social - Set up a Google+ business profile

59% Content - Started a new blog or invested heavily in blogging

55% SEO - Focused on Local SEO: Google Places, local keyword targeting, etc.

Content is all the rage, but what kinds of content are SEOs spending time on? Blog posts lead, followed closely by social media content and articles/guides.

A graph embedded in the article illustrated that businesses who are investing in SEO want and/or need press releases, content for social media and newsletters, among other things.

ALL of these are services an SEO content writer can provide to potential clients.

Truly, the amount of work out here is simply ASTOUNDING if youre an SEO writer, which makes the potential for earnings that much greater.

While there is a lot of work, you have to put in the work. SEO writing is not some, get-rich-quick, online, money-making scheme. Its a real work-from-home opportunity in freelance writing one that can make you a lot of money. Ive been doing it since 2007, routinely putting in 12-18 hours per day (in the early part of building my freelance business).

But nowadays, I never worry about "if" Ill have to go back to working for someone else, because I expanded my business, and also took the internet marketing know-how I learned as an SEO writer to make money by producing and promoting my own products and services. You can too!

Learn more about this type of online writing job, eg, how much you can expect to earn, what your duties are, SEO copywriting training / education needed, etc.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (, an SEO writing company. Shes the author of numerous ebooks on this form of online writing, well as the creator of one of the leading SEO content writing courses online. The course teaches everything you need to know about not only how to write SEO copy, but how to earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year your first year as an SEO writer. FYI, you can take it online, or in person -- in Jamaica!

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