SEO Content Writing: 5 Reasons Itís One of the Best Home-Based Biz Opportunities for 2014
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Iíve been a freelance writer since 1993. When I added SEO writing to my list of service offerings in 2007, my career really took off. One of the main reasons is because of content marketing. Itís a form of online marketing businesses are investing in heavily nowadays Ė and thereís no slowdown in sight. Proof?

According to a 2012 study by Forrester research on ďthe consumerís new path to purchasing,Ē 54% of the US online population are digital researchers, using primarily online resources to research products; 72% of that group also complete their purchases online.

And, what are they searching for online? Information (ie, content) to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

This helps explain why slightly over 80% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing spend in 2014, according to a 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Study conducted by Holger Schulze, a B2B technology marketing executive.

This covers two reasons SEO writing is a great home-based business opportunity for 2014, ie: (i) itís an in-demand need (content marketing); and (ii) that need is growing, as underscored by the large number of businesses that are planning to invest more in it in the coming year(s).

Three more reasons writing for SEO is an excellent home-based business for the coming year are:

(i) Itís cheap and easy to start: If you already have a computer and an internet connection, you can literally get started with $0. I did in 2007. Via email marketing, I was able to land clients immediately. Within the first few months, I got so busy that I had to hire other freelance writers to help me out.

(ii) Earning potential is high: One of the questions I field often is, ďHow much can a new SEO writer make?Ē According to the popular job search site SimplyHired, as of this writing (September 2013), the average salary for SEO content writing jobs is $66,000. This can vary by company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

FYI, freelancers can earn even more because they can offer complementary services, eg, set up and management of social media accounts, and SEO press releases. These go hand-in-hand with content marketing, and can be easy upsells that significantly increases overall income.

(iii) Simple to learn: If youíre thinking, ďI donít know what SEO writing is,Ē itís ok. For all the technical jargon around it, itís pretty easy to learn. FYI, SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. All technical phrase means is doing certain things to a web page to get it to rank higher in search results.

Learn more about writing SEO content for a living, ie, what this type of technical writing is, earning potential, skills needed, where the jobs are Ė and more.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company. Sheís also the publisher of SEO Writing Jobs, a blog devoted to helping others start successful, home-based SEO writing careers. She says, ďWith proper SEO copywriter training, thereís no reason you canít earn between $35,000 on the low end, on up to $75,000 (or more) Ė your first year as a freelancer.Ē Ms. Black has authored over 50 ebooks, most of which cover some aspect of freelance / SEO writing. They can be found on major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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