Can You Still Make Good Money as a Freelance SEO Writer in 2014?
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I've been asked some version of this question practically every year since I opened the doors of my SEO writing company in 2008. Here is the most recent email I received from a freelancer asking this question:
Hi Yuwanda,

I read the reviews about your ebook, 'How to Make @ 250 A Day or More Writing Simple 500 Word Articles.'

I am interested to know that if persons are receiving the same financial success today compared to back when your ebook was published. I am doing as much research as possible as I would like to purchase the ebook, put what was learnt into practice, gain as much knowledge as possible about SEO content writing and earn a part-time income which could assist me and my family.

And my answer is the same yes, yes, yes!

In fact, the need for qualified SEO content writers has never been greater. Why? Well, consider the following graphic, which is from the post, Content Management The Real Challenge.

What this shows is that 66% of businesses can use your help as an SEO / online writer, ie:

The 36 percent who have a hard time producing engaging content;

The 21 percent who find it difficult to produce enough content (this is usually because they don't have time to do it); and

The 9 percent who find it challenging to produce a variety of content.

These "challenges" business owners face spell OPPORTUNITY for you freelance (SEO) writers.

How to Get SEO Writing Jobs

Knowing which challenges businesses face is half the solution to the problem. And here, it's all laid out for you; all you have to do is address these challenges.

For example, let's take the 21 percent of business owners who have a hard time producing enough content. What are some of the top reasons you think they have this problem?

As mentioned above, lack of time is one of them. No dedicated staff member to handle it might be another. Not having the time to find out what their customers want to know about could be another reason. Not having time to learn what content marketing is all about and how to do it right is another possibility. Right there, you have four legitimate "pain points" you can help them with.

One of My Favorite Ways to Get Online Writing Jobs

So write up a short ebooklet 3 to 5 pages should be enough and address each pain point. Make it available as a free, downloadable document on your SEO writing website, AND actively send it out to potential prospects.

Make the title enticing; eg, something like "How to Find Enough Time to Produce All the Content You'll Ever Need for Your Blog, Website, Newsletter, Etc.: A Guide for Time-Strapped Business Owners."

Of course, one of the options you'd offer is to outsource the content to a freelance writer. Put your contact info in there (obviously). Now, if the prospect chooses outsourcing as an option and many will if they have the budget how good of a chance do you think you have of being considered?



Because of the popularity of content marketing, the need for professionally trained SEO writers who stay abreast of the rules of (Google's) constantly algorithm has never been greater. And getting the work is not rocket science. Simply address pain points; ie, what problems are potential clients having? Offer solutions to those and provide quality writing at reasonable rates, and you can earn a fantastic living as an online (SEO) writer.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company. She's also the publisher of a niche blog on this type of technical writing SeoWritingJobs. She says, "With proper SEO copywriter training, you can start a successful, home-based career as an online writer. Ms. Black has also authored over 50 ebooks, four of which cover writing SEO content. They can be found on major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to her own website(s).

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