How Much Can You Earn as a Freelance SEO Writer?
Actual Numbers from Real Freelancers

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Iíve been a freelance writer since 1993. In 2007, I started writing primarily web content and in 2008, formed a full-service SEO writing company. My career hasnít been the same since. How/why? Because I got so busy within the first couple of months of offering this type of writing that I had to find other writers to outsource to. This is why I formed a company, instead of continuing to go it alone. So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because writing SEO content is a red-hot niche in freelance writing. There are tons of online writing jobs out there like this and it doesnít matter where you live -- a small farming community in the middle of nowhere or a bustling metropolis Ė you can market for, and land these writing gigs. And with the right SEO copywriter training, it can pay pretty well. Proof? Read on.

How Much Can You Earn as a SEO Content Writer?

According to job search site, the average salary for a SEO content writer in the U.S. is $66,000 (2016). My experience bears this out. Proof? In the graphic below are some actual figures from jobs I completed for clients back in 2008. I had literally only been writing SEO content for a few months at that time and these were regular, run-of-the-mill weeks. As I gained more experience and grew my company, my earnings increased.

And Iím not the only one, as the following email from a fellow SEO article writer Ė who lived in the Philippines no less -- reveals. He wrote:

As usual, another valuable newsletter [in response to a newsletter I sent out]. Thanks so much for all the support you provide. Just to update you, Iím busier than ever. In fact, this will be my best week to date (and itís only Wednesday)! Iíve already broken $1000 for the week for the first time and may end up close to $1500.

I can Ö attest to the fact that location makes little difference. Iím living in the Philippines, but I donít tell people until they become clients and start working with them. At that point [once they become a client], I think itís helpful for them to know the time zone difference. Other than the time zones, I donít think location is all that big a deal [when it comes to landing jobs as an SEO writer.

What Is SEO Content Writing (Writing for SEO)?

FYI, in case you donít know, hereís a full explanation of what SEO content writing is, how much you can earn, and much more about this high-paying freelance writing job.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (, a SEO writing company. She's the author of numerous ebooks on the subject, as well as the creator of one of the leading SEO content writing courses online. The course teaches everything you need to know about not only how to write SEO content but how to earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year Ė your first year Ė as a freelancer.

Learn more about Yuwanda.

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