SEO Course: Should You Take An Online or Offline Class?
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SEO is an in-demand skill these days. It's a broad field that offers many opportunities across various niches. Hence, there's an increased interest by many in learning SEO -- whether it's to learn how to write search engine-optimized copy, or become an SEO consultant, or learn website optimization, etc. SEO courses are offered online and off. There are also books, ebooks, video courses and DVDs that dispense lessons on it. So, how do you know which one to choose? Is one option better than the other?

FYI, in case you don't know, SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization.

As the owner of an SEO writing company and developer of an online and offline course that teaches SEO copywriting, I receive questions like this all the time. One potential student emailed me, asking the following:

You have an ebook on SEO copy writing does some of this material merge? What's the difference between the ecourse and the live training.

Take an SEO Class Online or Off: 3 Questions to Answer That Will Help You Decide

Following are three questions to ask yourself that will help you decide whether learning SEO online, or via an in-person class, is better for you.

I. Can You Afford In-Person Training? Online SEO classes tend to be cheaper because there's usually no expense associated with giving them. Hence, even if taking an offline SEO course is what's best for you, it doesn't matter if you literally can't afford it. So, answer this question first.

II. What's Your Knowledge Level? If you have a fairly good grasp of search engine optimization, then an online class could be best becuase it means you don't need a lot of the hand-holding that a lot of newbies need.

Conversely, if you know practically zilch about SEO and find the language around it confusing (eg, long-tail keywords, keyword research, in-bound links), then an in-person class is usually the better option.

III. How Do You Learn? Everyone ingests information and learns differently. For example, some do just fine by researching concepts on their own and building on it. Others need a knowledge source in front of them (ie, an instructor) to explain things before they can fully grasp a concept.

For example, I learned SEO on my own - just by researching, reading and testing concepts. But, I'm horrible at say, math; it's like I get a brain freeze. I need a teacher beside me to explain certain concepts before I can fully understand them.

One way of learning is not better than the other; it's just different, that's all. Which camp do you fall into?

If you're what I refer to as an "independent" learner, then an offline SEO class may work for you. If you're the type of learner who likes to have a readily accessible instructor in front of you, then an in-person SEO course is probably your best option.

Important Point to Remember about Taking an SEO Course - Online or Off

It doesn't matter whether you take an online SEO course, or attend an in-person seminar, the one thing you must remember is that learning SEO is an ongoing education.

The reason is, search marketing and the tools, rules, guidelines and companies that drive it (eg, Google) change all the time. For example, take Google's infamous Panda update in 2011. It knocked sites that ranked well one day totally out of search results altogether (eg, burying them on page 50) the next. Yes, literally overnight -- this happened to thousands of sites.

The great thing about learning SEO though is that once you grasp the basics, it's like being a professional in any other career that faces constant change (eg, a lawyer, a doctor), all you have to do is keep your skill set fine-tuned to be successful.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (, an SEO writing company. She's the author of numerous ebooks on the subject, as well as the creator of a leading SEO course (on seach engine optimiziation copywriting). This SEO class teaches everything you need to know about not only how to write SEO copy, but how to earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year your first year as an SEO writer. You can take it online, or in person -- in Jamaica!

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