Twitter Marketing Tips for Self-Publishers: How to Sell More Ebooks
Using This Social Media Outlet

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Twitter marketing helps me to sell more ebooks online – period. The reason I say it like this is, when I first signed up to this social media site, I didn’t take it seriously – not for a couple of years. But, once I started to realize that a lot of my ebook buyers first heard of me via Twitter, I got very serious about it.

How to Use Twitter to Sell More Ebooks: 4 Quick & Easy Things Every Self-Publisher Should Do

Following is some insight into how I grew my Twitter account to over 11,000 followers (as of this writing).

1. Get Your Twitter Profile Right: Twitter marketing is just that – marketing. This means you have to tell people what you do. Your profile is where you spell this out. Currently, my Twitter profile reads as follows:

Founder of an SEO Writing Company - I Help People with Freelance Writing, EBook Development & Self Publishing - I'm a Marathon Running Junkie - I Like to Travel

As you can see, I do several things. They’re all inter-related, but are spelled out separately in my profile so that people can see exactly what it is I do. I write ebooks about “how to write ebooks, and market ebooks, and self-publish ebooks.” So, prospects who use Twitter to seek out ebook experts can easily find me – and follow me (and I can then follow them), and retweet my links, etc.

2. Learn Who to Follow on Twitter: While I follow a lot of the obvious professionals in my niche, eg, other freelance writers, I also follow some non-obvious groups. For example, I follow a lot of “mommy bloggers.” Why?

Because a lot of them may blog for a hobby or be stay-at-home moms looking to learn how to earn money online. Well, I write ebooks about how to make money online (eg, internet/affiliate marketing and freelance writing). So, a lot of those in the stay-at-home mom demographic may be interested in checking out my products once I follow them and they check out my profile to see what I’m all about.

3. Promote Your Content Religiously: I have three newsletters that I publish regularly. I also have my own article marketing directory ( So, I constantly use Twitter marketing to promote all new content I produce; eg, every time I write a new blog post or a new article, I tweet it.

4. Twitter Marketing Tip about How Often to Tweet Your Own Links: Piggybacking on the last point, don’t go overboard in this department. Make sure you keep the “social” in “social media.”

The way I do this is to retweet the links of others – a lot. How much? About 75-80% of my tweets are retweets. I read somewhere once that this is about the range you should keep your RT percentage in, so I’ve just kind of consciously stuck to it. I’ve also noticed that if I “self promote” more than this, I lose followers. So, keep this in mind.

If you use Twitter marketing to sell ebooks online, like any other advertising medium, you must develop a plan of how to go about it. These tips are a great start. Add the obvious – eg, follow those in your market/niche, engage with your followers consistently – and before long you’ll not only get more Twitter followers, but sell more ebooks via this social media outlet as well.

Learn how to get followers on Twitter; I grew my account to over 11,000 using these Twitter advertising tips.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. She attributes article marketing with helping her to keep her ebook sales consistent. Learn more about how to sell ebooks online, including how to use Twitter marketing to increase sales, how to set up an ebook affiliate program, how to make sure your ebook will sell before you write it, how to create professional ebook covers – and more! Follow Yuwanda on Twitter at

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