Freelance Writers: Do You Control Your Website, or Does Someone Else?
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Many freelance writers arenít tech savvy. I know I wasnít when I first started out in 1993. Back then, websites werenít as important to your success; I didnít even have a website until 1999.

After spending several thousand dollars to a web designer and still not being satisfied with it, my sister and I (we owned an editorial business at the time together) learned how to do simple ones in HTML. Since then, Iíve built probably 30 or 40 websites. And boy am I ever glad I developed this skill.

Now, none of my websites will ever win a design award, but they are functional and work well for what I need. With all of this being said, following are three reasons itís critical for freelance writers and bloggers to learn how to update their own web presences.

I. It Puts You in Control: You donít have to wait for your web designer, the friend who created it for you or your husband to update it for you. You can do it all yourself.

II. Itís Cheaper: Unless youíre using a friend/family member who agrees to update your site at no cost, EVERY time you need to update your site, itís going to cost you money.

How Much Do Web Designers Charge to Update Sites

This depends on numerous factors, eg, what the change is, how long itíll take to complete, whether youíll provide the updated copy or if the web designer has to do so, etc. In the post, How much do website updates cost for text, image, or other content changes?, on CreationDepot, a web graphic and design firm, some actual examples are given based on the companyís fee structure. Changes range from a low of $25 to a high of $110 per page.

As this example illustrates, it can get expensive Ė fast!

III. You Earn More: How? Well for one, you save on web design fees Ė thatís the obvious one.

The other way is that you can control your inventory. What I mean by this is, if you want to offer deals, discounts, specials, new service offerings, etc., you can get the info to your clients/customers immediately by uploading the details to s to your website Ė if you know how to update it.

The final way knowing how to update your website/blog will earn you money is that it cuts out the middle man. Thereís nothing like waiting for someone to get back to you. It is lost time Ė time you canít get back. And when you freelance, time literally is money.

Imagine trying to get a time-sensitive offer up over a holiday weekend, for example, but your web designer doesnít get back to you. Or, your cousin is too busy to upload the info for you. Or the last internet marketing firm your worked with went out of business. Or, youíre just strapped for cash and canít afford to pay someone to do it.

For all of these reasons, learning how to update your own website/blog is not only necessary as a freelance writer, itís critical to your success as an online writer.

How to Create and Maintain Your Own Website -- Cheaply

Most web hosting companies have easy-to-publish templates. All you have to do is click to not only select a design, but upload content as well. And, this can be done within a matter of minutes. Really!

When I designed my first website, there werenít nearly as many easy, do-it-yourself options. So dive on into the web design/publishing waters. Once you do it, youíll be like, ďThatís all there is to it! I canít believe how easy that was.Ē

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