What Careers are in Demand? 3 Easy-to-Start, Recession-Proof Jobs
You Can Do from Home

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When the economy gets tough, some of the most popular searches online revolve around finding out what careers are in demand. Hence, many will head to the internet and start searching terms like recession-proof jobs, high-paying careers, recession-proof career, good-paying careers, etc.

Many may have been downsized out of a job, or laid off, or (gulp!) fired. And, they often spend a few weeks or months fruitlessly looking for a new job, only to become discouraged because they run into one of the following situations:

(i) They find that there are no new job opportunities in the field that they have the most experience in; or

(iii) They find that a lot of the jobs they could do require some type of training.

If this sounds like you, there's help. If you’re wondering, “What careers are in demand now, that pay well, that you can do with little to no training?” following are three.

1. Social Media Writer: Love keeping up with friends and family on Facebook? Addicted to pinning stuff on Pinterest? Can’t get enough of Twitter?

Well, neither can businesses!

Social media has moved beyond the boundaries of teen phones and the laptop in your living room. Businesses are investing in it big time because it drives traffic to their websites, gives internet “buzz” to their products/services and generates leads from interested customers. All of this eventually means more sales for them.

Many businesses outsource their social media writing to freelancers, which means it’s a job that can be done from home. And it’s a recession-proof career that pays well. How well?

Average Salary for a Social Media Writer: According to job search site SimplyHired.com, social media writers earn an average of $50,000 per year in 2016 (it was $46,000 in 2012).

2. Freelance Writer for Mobile Devices: Love to watch videos on your iPhone? Like to surf the web on your iPad? Has reading books on your Kindle become the norm? You’re not alone. Businesses know that more and more consumers are using mobile devices to do everything from surf the web to making dinner reservations.

Content has to be formatted differently for mobile devices than it does on a website or blog, for example. Hence the need for writers who understand (or train to learn) how to write for mobile devices.

Average Salary for a Mobile Device Writer (aka Technical Writer): $42,000.

3. SEO Content Writer: You may be wondering, “What is a SEO writer?” In simple, layman’s terms, a SEO writer produces copy written in such a way to increase a website/blog’s visibility in search engines. There are specific guidelines they use to generate “search engine optimized” content.

This is one of the best recession-proof jobs to come down the pike in the freelance writing niche in years. And the demand is red hot because what does EVERY new – and existing -- website, blog, newsletter, etc. need? Content.

Who produces it?

Usually freelance SEO writers.

Average Salary for a SEO Content Writer: Again, according to job search site SimplyHired.com, as of this writing (2016) it’s $66,000 per year. Since I started tracking this metric in 2009, the salary has fluctuated from a low of around $40,000 to a high of $66,0000. Remember, freelancers can earn more because they get to decide their rates, how many clients they want to take on, how many services they want to provide, etc.

The Best Part of Becoming an SEO Writer

You can train for it in less than a week, and you can start earning money very quickly. I’ve had students who took my SEO writing e-course who literally landed clients the same day they started marketing.

So there you go – three high-paying, recession-proof jobs you can do from home no less. And they can be started for literally $0 – if you already have a computer/laptop and an internet connection.

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About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (NewMediaWords.biz), an SEO writing company. She's the author of numerous ebooks on the subject, as well as the creator of one of the leading SEO content writing courses online. The course teaches everything you need to know about not only how to write SEO copy, but how to earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year – your first year – as an SEO writer. You can take it online, or in person -- in Jamaica!

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