What Sells Online?
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I wrote the ebook ďHow to Make Money Placing Free Classified AdsĒ in 2009. Since then, itís been updated a few times. I wrote it because I accidentally stumbled upon this way of making money online when I was looking for free/cheap ways to promote an affiliate product. I made tens of thousands of dollars promoting that affiliate product Ė and still make money from it to this day.

The One Product/Service I Think Is Easy to Sell Online

Over the years, people have asked me, ďWhat sells online? What can I promote that will make money?Ē One of my go-to answers is web hosting services. Why? Three reasons: (i) itís a service a TON of people need; (ii) itís cheap for the buyer; and (iii) thereís no convincing, ie, if someone is ready to get a site and need a hosting service, if your ad catches their eye and they click on it and buy Ė boom! Youíve made a sale.

Another reason to promote web hosting services is that you can choose how you earn. What do I mean? Well, you can get a one-time upfront payment; or you can sign up to become a reseller and get recurring payments.

For example, Iím an affiliate for HostGator. I earn $50 in commission every time someone buys the service from my referral link. But I could also become a reseller and get an ONGOING commission off of every sale, which is the smarter way to go, but thatís like owning your own web hosting company and I donít have time for that, in addition to writing, publishing and promoting my own line of ebooks.

FYI, in the ebook I give some insight into how to choose products and services that you can promote via free classified ads that sell well.

What Else Can You Promote via Free Classified Ads

Practically anything under the sun! Proof? Following is an email I got from one purchasers, who was promoting music services. He wrote:

Dear Yuwanda,

You might remember you sold me a copy of your ebook about making money on Backpage.com . . . a few months ago. I just wanted to update you on what Iíve done and perhaps offer a testimonial.

The truth is, I initially started testing out various affiliate products and marketing them via Backpage, as it suggests in your ebook. But I went off at a tangent and started marketing musical services . . . since I am a musician myself.

Within days of marketing these services on Backpage.com, I ended up getting plenty of enquiries, much to my surprise. Over the past few months Iíve steadily made money like this, and am very happy, and have branched out to marketing on various other free classified sites and discussion forums. None of that wouldíve been possible if I hadnít read your ebook.

Who woulda thunk, no?! Go on backpage.com and look at the ads. Youíll be amazed at the amazing range of products and services people promote on free classified ad sites, and itís because they get so many eyeballs. It does take work and a bit of luck, but if you get a hot-selling product, you can easily start to earn hundreds (or thousands) per day.

The Most Iíve Earned in One Day Promoting Affiliate Products

The most Iíve earned in one day is $900, but Iíve had plenty of $100, $200 and $300 days. Plenty!

Hope this gets the brain cells churning, and good luck if you decide to start a business promoting products and services via free classified ad sites like Backpage. It really is a seamless way to make extra money -- all from the comfort of home.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black has earned her living completely online since 2007, earning thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer, self-publisher and freelance writer. You can too! Learn much more about how to make money online in this in-depth, free tutorial.

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