Why Do SEO Writers Earn So Much?
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As of this writing, the average salary for SEO writers is $66,000, according to job search site SimplyHired. Thatís almost $15,000 more than the median household income in the U.S., which stood at $51,404 in February 2013, according to The Washington Post article, Chart: Median household incomes have collapsed since the recession.

There are a few reasons that account for the relatively high average salary for these professionals, ie:

1. Tech Field: Itís in a tech field. This niche tends to create higher-paying jobs.

2. Content Marketing: This form of online marketing is all the rage now. Proof? Go to Twitter and do a search for ď#ContentMarketingĒ and see how many tweets pop up. Five years ago, I doubt if there was a hashtag for this phrase.

3. Hidden Talents: Finally, SEO content providers are so much more than ďjustĒ writers. They bring a plethora of hidden talents to the job. Just what are some of these hidden skills? Following are three.

3 Not-Often-Talked-About Skills Professional SEO Writers Possess

The Types of Content That Works with a Particular Audience: You canít discuss writing SEO copy without discussing dissemination. And, social media is one of the largest Ė if not the largest Ė outlets for distributing content once itís produced.

Hence, an SEO writer must know which types of content works Ė for a particular clientís audience. What will get them to click, like, share, subscribe, etc.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar: One of the first things I do with my SEO writing clients is put them on a content creation schedule. This is because, itís hard to see (ie, start building relationships with prospects) if you write a post one week, then donít post anything for a few weeks (or months), then throw up another post, etc.

Professional content providers let clients know this up front Ė and devise an editorial calendar to keep them on track.

Staying in the Know: The rules of search engine optimization change all the time. Hence, itís important for SEO writers to stay up to date so as not to run afoul of, for example, Googleís Penguin 2.0 SEO writing guidelines.

If you donít stay up to date on the latest changes as an SEO writer, you can really harm a clientís rankings. So a professional will constantly study, so their clients donít have to.

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