Write to Sell: 3 Things You Definitely Need to Profitably Publish Your Own Line of Ebooks
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I've been a freelance writer since 1993. Well over a decade later, in 2004, I published my first ebook. I'm a firm believer that if you have the skills to "write to sell", (as all freelance writers do), then you should put those skills to use to diversify your income.

To date, I've published over 50 ebooks and for the first time in 2010, the income I made from them (combined with affiliate marketing) surpassed what I earned as a freelance writer.

I receive questions all the time from other freelancer writers self-publishing, eg, marketing ebooks, how to sell ebooks online, how to write an ebook, etc. If writing and selling ebooks online interests you, following are three things you absolutely must do in order to be successful.

I. To Write to Sell, You Must Create a Writing Schedule

Many freelance writers want to make money selling ebooks online. But, one of the things I hear a lot of them say is that they just can never seem to find the time to do so. And, if you're a busy freelance writer working on client projects, this can be a big problem.

In 2011, I self-published 50 ebooks yes, in one year! The reason I was able to do so is that I created a writing schedule. Without a writing schedule, I know that I never would have reached my goal.

Self-Publishing Tip: When you create your ebook writing schedule, put it where you can see it every day. This is critical because it will remind you of your goal. There will be no editor or publisher or agent to push you when you go the self-publishing route; all motivation must come from you, so this tip will help a lot.

II. When You Write to Sell, You Must Timeblock Your Days

Once you create your writing schedule, then the next step is to timeblock your days so that you don't keep pushing back your ebook publishing goals.

When I wrote those 50 ebooks in one year even though I time-blocked my days I still fell behind because client projects and other stuff would get in the way. But, timeblocking allowed me to not only see in black and white how severely I was falling behind, it allowed me to rearrange my schedule to make up time.

III. Marketing Ebooks: If You Write to "Sell", Then That Means You Must Have a Plan

Writing your ebook will be the easy part; the hard part when you write to sell is the ongoing marketing. A lot of ebook writers (including myself) fall down on their sword here. Personally, I'm usually so exhausted and tired of looking at the material after I write an ebook that I used to just upload it to my website's store and that was it.

But marketing ebooks takes more than this. In order to make money selling ebooks online, you must have a sales plan. This can be article marketing (my favorite method because it's free and effective); pay per click; or selling via sites like Clickbank and Amazon, etc.

Why I Love Writing and Selling Ebooks Online and You Will Too!

To be honest, I think I'll always create informational products to sell. It's autonomous, you can write about what you want, when you want, from where you want, and the income is evergreen.

Retire on Income from Writing and Selling Your Own Ebooks

Just imagine building up cache of 20, 30 or 40 products; it can provide some nice "retirement income." If Social Security is still around when you retire, great! If not, you won't have to worry about financial security in your old age.

Want to Write to "Sell?" The Only Thing You Really Need to Do

And the great thing about writing ebooks (ie, in the "how to" genre) is they don't have to be long; 30 or 40 pages is an ideal length. Most of mine tend to be a bit longer, but the point is, you don't have to write a Moby Dick-length novel to be successful as a self-published ebook author. All you need to do to "write to sell" successfully is provide products that solve a problem for people and market them consistently.

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