Corporate Ebook Writing: A New Type of High-Paying Writing for Freelancers to Pursue
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Have you ever heard of "lead magnet" books? These are books written and distributed by business owners to build their credibility and generate leads.

These books can be electronic (ebooks) or printed, or both. Why/how? Ebooks are often used as lead generators by being offered as free down downloads from a business' website or blog. Physical copies can be handed out at conferences, Chamber of Commerce meetings, trade shows, etc. to generate leads.

However they're distributed, the good news for freelance writers is that many of these lead magnet books are ghostwritten.

Why "Lead Magnet" Books are So In Demand

It's just another form of content marketing. And if you freelance, you know how big this is these days.

In case you're a new freelance writer and aren't familiar with it – just so you know, content marketing is type of marketing you do that involves the creation and sharing of content in order to acquire customers.

Types of Content Marketing

Content includes everything – from writing and distributing press releases to making and uploading videos, eg:

Case studies
Article marketing
Facebook posts
Slideshare presentations
White papers

As you can see, content marketing is broad – and almost all of it involves some form of writing.

As search engines like Google change their algorithms all the time, business owners are not only fighting to get noticed online, many of them are covering all bases and doing offline marketing as well.

Lead magnet books help with this because instead of handing out just a business card – like in the old days – business owners can give prospects something tangible that they can use (ie, a book).

This not only keeps their business front and center, it makes them more memorable because every time a prospect looks at his on their car seat, in their briefcase, on their desk, in their glove compartment – wherever they may store it – there the business's ebook is.

The Content Marketing Institute's article, Content Strategy: How eBooks Help You Generate More Leads, sums up the effectiveness of ebooks as effective lead generators like this:

eBooks are unique marketing tools because they don’t seem like marketing tools … People are bombarded with advertising these days, and traditional lead generation sources are providing less ROI — people resist the hard sell when they feel it’s lurking behind every corner. eBooks provide subtle marketing that allows prospects to find you, rather than the other way around.

Can't exactly say the same about a business card, now can you?

What's in a Name?

This type of writing can be referred to in numerous ways, eg, commercial ebook writing, ebook ghostwriter, writing special reports, etc.

It's all in how you present it to the client.

How Much Can You Earn Writing Lead Generating Ebooks

My firm has handled several of these types of projects. I dug back through some stats and the projects averaged between $100 and $150 per page. And I happen to know that this is low.

But, it was subject matter that I enjoyed writing about and these were steady clients who gave my firm a lot of work, so it was a win-win.

Factors to Consider When Setting Your Rates for Writing Lead Generating Ebooks

Like almost all forms of freelance writing, rates are all over the place for this type of job. Four major factors to consider when setting rates for this type of writing job are: (i) niche, (ii) research time, (iii) whether or not you have to conduct interviews, and (iv) turnaround time.

Good luck if you decide to pursue this type of freelance writing job.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black is the founder of New Media Words, an SEO writing company. She's also the publisher of the popular freelance writing blog, Inkwell Editorial. Ms. Black has written over 50 ebooks, mostly on/about freelance writing. They can be found on major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to her own website(s). Want to learn how to earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year as a freelance online writer? Get the SEO writing course that does just that.

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