Freelance Writers: A Simple Tactic You Can Use to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Using Social Media
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In my opinion, social media has grown to the point where it can no longer be ignored as an online marketing tactic for finding freelance writing jobs. Following is how I use it (Twitter and Facebook specifically) to generate ongoing leads.

Find Relevant Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is great for finding relevant content to distribute across all of your social media networks. I like it because all you have to do is use the hashtag to find what youre looking for.

I usually search for info on content marketing, as I own an SEO writing company and hence, am always seeking clients who need web content, ebooks, articles for article marketing campaigns, blog posts, etc. So Ill use the search box on Twitter and type in #contentmarketing.

Once I find a relevant post, Ill not only retweet it, Ill also post it to my Facebook and Google+ accounts, with some insight. For example, following is a recent tweet I found.

In 2012, content marketing was the leading tactic for 18.9% of marketers worldwide. In 2013, the % has grown to 34.8%:

Give Clients Some Ideas on Easy Ways to Start a Content Marketing Campaign

I posted this link, along with the following commentary on my Facebook and Google+ pages.

Have you hopped on the content marketing bandwagon yet? If not, you may be being left in the dust by your competition.

Some easy ways to get started . . .

I) Start sending out a weekly newsletter;

II) Answer frequently asked questions from your customers on your blog;

III) Start a weekly article marketing campaign;

IV) Solicit feedback in the form of a "question of the day" on your social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+);

V) Create and give away free industry reports/ebooks (learn how we can help you with this here:

There are so many ways to enter the content marketing game. It doesn't have to be difficult and you can start slow and build. The key though is to DO SOMETHING to start building your web footprint, because if you're not, you can bet your competition is -- and where will that leave you/your brand in 2, 3 or 5 years?

Just something to think about.

[End of my post]

Why This Method Works So Well for Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

This method works perfectly because it not only illustrates your writing ability, but your knowledge of your industry.

Note: This is what I call a soft lead generation tactic; as in, it probably wont pay off right away, but over time. Why? Because statistics reveal that clients have to see your ad a minimum of 7 to 28 times before they will take action.

Content Marketing Is the Best Lead Generation Tool for Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

As an aside, you can also turn this post into a pdf file and offer it as a free download from your site for potential clients. Its effective content marketing at its best when it comes to finding freelance writing jobs because you get multiple uses out of one piece of content and you can teach your clients how to do the same thing.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company she founded in 2008. Shes also the author of over 50 ebooks, which cover topics such as freelance writing, SEO writing, self-publishing and online / affiliate marketing. They can all be found on her freelance writing website, Inkwell Editorial.

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