How to Write, Self-Publish and Sell Your Own Ebooks From Your Own Website
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I've been writing and self-publishing ebooks - via my own website - since 2002. Of course, writing and selling ebooks online has changed a lot since then. Having been at this for so long, sometimes I forget just how new this whole process is for many. For example, following is a question I received from a new ebook writer about how to sell ebooks from her own website. She didn't quite understand the process, writing:

I'm curious as to the technical process of selling ebooks... I'm getting ready to launch two and I have no idea how to instant PDF download process works or how these are embedded on your site. Can you provide any tips or a starting point for me? I want to sell my own on my website but I'm not sure how to do the entire purchase and pay process.

What You Need to Start Selling Ebooks Online from Your Own Website

In short, you need a digital download service provider. There are many of them out there; the one I use is e-Junkie.

What Exactly Is a "Digital Download Service Provider?

It's a hosted shopping cart and digital delivery service that allows you to sell things online. Simply put, it's the software that allows your customers to download ebooks online and have them delivered instantly.

When Selling Ebooks Online, What Happens When You Sign Up with a Digital Download Service Provider?

They do all the work for you. For example, once you sign up, you'll be taken through a series of screens that ask for things like the name of your ebooks, the landing (sales) page, the description, the price, etc. Once you complete all the information on these screens, the service will generate a string of code (usually HTML).

All you have to do is copy and paste this code onto your website - and voila - you're selling ebooks from your site/blog!

Self-Publishing Your Own Ebooks: Breakdown of Some Costs

Selling ebooks online is really profitable (as the graphic here illustrates) - even if you don't sell thousands of copies, because the cost of operating this type of home business is minimal.

Following are a few of the main costs associated with writing and selling ebooks online.

Digital Delivery Service Provider: $0-$10 per month.

Web hosting: $10 per month (or less).

Domain name registration: $3-$15 per YEAR.

Internet Service: $40-$100 per month. Note: As most of us already have a cable/internet package for our homes, this is a cost you probably already carry anyway.

Without internet costs, it can be as little as$15 per month to about $35 per month to start your own self-publishing empire. And that's why so many are investing in writing an ebook these days - the profit potential is just too darned good to pass up, dont'cha think?

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